By the age of 38, Amanda Campbell has experienced more than most people do in a lifetime.


Amanda has a passion to inspire and educate individuals to change their mind about what is possible in their mind, body and life.

On her own personal journey, she has learned about the power of the mind-body connection. Achieving a balanced approach and recovery, she truly believes when given the right environment, the mind and body are capable of producing incredible results.

At her clinic, speeches and workshops, Amanda shares her own personal experience of her diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis that led to a paralysis on the entire left-hand side of her body at age 29 years old. With the odds stacked against her, she had to change her mind about what was possible, when she had no choice but to succeed.

A decade later, and now an accredited Sports Kinesiologist, she has made a full recovery. She now spends her time helping others rebuild from setbacks, change and illness using The Bend Like Bamboo Method promoting resilience and potential.


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