Kinesiology is like Physical Psychology.

We have all felt the connection between our brains and our bodies; when we are emotionally down we describe ourselves as “feeling flat” and when we are at our most positive we describe ourselves as “full of energy”.

This link is because the brain controls and dictates all of our functions, like a computer.

But with injuries, emotional blocks, illnesses and stress that often occur in our lives, this computer is prone to getting a few bugs in the software and becomes out of balance.

Kinesiology accesses the subconscious brain that is in charge of approx. 95% of our processes and reactions.

When you address mental health and emotions it can be essentially like turning the tap off at the cause, as physical stress has an emotional link, and can be an end result of you not dealing with an emotion that you've buried or avoided.

We address emotional blocks on a subconscious level via the muscles of the body that are linked to meridians and organs of the body.

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Bend Like Bamboo

95% of our brain capacity stems from the subconscious part of the brain, which is in charge of our memories and past experiences.

It is from these memories and experiences that our core beliefs, behaviours and habits and formed.

It is this subconscious part of the brain that we access as kinesiologists, via the integrity of the muscles. Your muscles are connected to your brain via the Nervous System and run through multiple meridians in traditional Chinese medicine.

Using the muscles as a biofeedback tool and accessing this important part of the brain, we can then understand what imbalances might need to be corrected, thus rewiring the bugs in the software and restoring balance in the body again.

Kinesiology can access blocked emotions and limiting fear-based beliefs, stored in your body, subconscious brain and nervous system.

It is here that we must address the imbalances that may have occurred for a very long time. These fear based beliefs and blocked emotions that are not serving you in your life are interfering with your health, thoughts, emotions, what you attract in your life, achieving your dreams and more importantly they are holding you back from your path to finding wellness again. 

Ask yourself, is my reality reflecting what I want in my life?

  • Am I experiencing good health?

  • Am I living in abundance?

  • Do I attract love in my life?

  • Do I receive joy easily?

  • Do I feel connected and guided?

  • Do things come easily to me?

  • Or are you sick and exhausted all the time?

  • Are you feeling stuck?

  • Are you grieving?

  • Do you feel anxious or depressed all the time?

  • Are you living with an illness?

  • Are you finding life a constant struggle?

These are clear signs that your core beliefs about yourself do not match what you are truly wanting for your life.

Kinesiology can help identify and manage the factors that cause stress.

What can cause stress?

There are multiple stressors in life, such as:

  • Constant worry

  • Always wanting to be in control

  • Always hard on yourself

  • Not feeling like you are enough

  • Not allowing others to nurture you

  • Issues around money

  • Unable to receive in your life or express your feminine aspect

  • Emotional conflicts with your family and loved ones

  • Change

  • Death and grief

  • Living your life to someone else's expectations

  • Setting the bar too high so you never feel successful

A balanced approach : Assess the body holistically rather than in isolation.

Structure, biochemistry, mental-emotional and electromagnetics:

  • Posture Alignment and Gait Correction

  • Sports injuries, Fascia, Cranial, TMJ, Tendon and Ligament Stress, Pain

  • Biochemical Sessions addressing Nutrition, Hormones, Toxins and Gut Health

  • Symptom relief using Acupressure Techniques by Charles Krebs

  • Acupressure and coaching sessions that assist with dealing with the emotional links to disease, changing old fear-based belief patterns that no longer serve you in your life anymore.

Bend Like Bamboo Method

Bend Like Bamboo Method

To Bend Like Bamboo is to change your mind about what is possible.

Our program is designed to give the mind and body the right environment to repair and thrive, maximising resilience that results in optimised health and performance.

  • Rebuild from setbacks

  • Give your mind and body the right environment to reset and perform

  • Let go of stress and negative patterns

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