Amanda Campbell

Amanda is available for press opportunities and has been engaged for a number of topics including:

  • Amanda’s Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis & personal story of diagnosis and recovery from a paralysis

  • Sports Kinesiology and Bend Like Bamboo : We believe that flexibility builds resilience

  • Happy Mind : Flexibility in your mindset impacts everything that matters

  • Happy Body : Master to the mind to reconnect the body

  • Happy Food : How to nourish your body on a cellular level to promote repair, happiness and performance

To contact Amanda with a media opportunity, please email: with details of your requirements.

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Amanda is proud to be an Ambassador for this years Dream Home Lottery for MS Limited Australia

"I found MS Limited who guided me through the shock of my diagnosis and gave me any resources that I needed to help me feel supported. Thanks to campaigns like DHL, these services exist for newly diagnosed people to get through what can be the hardest time of their lives." Amanda

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Richelle Hunt’s show

Richelle Hunt’s show

World MS day

Amanda is a guest on Richelle Hunt’s show on ABC Radio, talking about this year’s theme ‘my invisible symptoms’ for World MS Day 2019

chronic entrepeneur

Amanda Campbell personifies the term ‘entrepreneur’. Diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis at age 24, it wasn’t until she turned 29 and had an MS attack that left her paralysed, that she began to redefine who she was and live life on her own terms.

Since then she has launched a number of successful businesses, all with the mission of helping others live full and healthy lives. She is an avid learner, having completed a number of degrees and working as an accredited sports kinesiologist, and works as an ambassador for MS Limited.

She’s the founder of Bend Like Bamboo – one of Australia’s leading kinesiology practices. She shares her story and journey to where she is today with us below.

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Catherine is known in her community as an innovative leader and creative entrepreneur who specialises in helping people reach their goals and dreams.
Catherine Plano is here today with Amanda Campbell. By the age of 36, Amanda Campbell has experienced more than most people do in a lifetime. In 2004 at just 24, she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, and in 2009 suffered a major attack that left her paralysed.


The House of Wellness House Hero’s negative to positive - WATCH VIDEO

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Choosing to focus on what she wanted, instead of what she didn’t, was the attitude that helped Amanda Campbell come out on top in her recovery from a debilitating MS attack.

In 2009, Multiple Sclerosis (MS) left Amanda Campbell with severe paralysis.

“I would stare at the ceiling wondering what had just happened when moments ago I was living my life, building my business, out with friends,” she says. “I was in my 20s and in my prime.”

With the left side of her body almost completely paralysed and with little response to standard MS therapy, doctors told Amanda she may never walk again.

It was Amanda’s twin Nicole who refused to accept defeat for her beloved sister.

“One night Nicole threw me in my wheelchair and wheeled me down to the pub across the road,” she says. “We laughed and laughed and forgot about the 24/7 hell that was my reality at that time.”

It was that night that something very special happened to Amanda.

“I was clearly having fun with my friends, having dinner, feeling joy,” she recalls. “I came back to my room, my sister helped me into my pyjamas and then she went off to the bathroom. It was then that my toe moved for the first time. It was in that moment that I found hope.”

“So with a wonderful team of doctors, neuro-physiotherapists and the help of a kinesiologist, plus a lot of determination, I started to focus all of my energy on what I wanted instead of what I didn’t want. I walked and ran within six weeks.”

Now Amanda runs her own business helping others find their path to recovery.

Reflecting on her own experiences, Amanda says that “what you learn from those lessons teaches you the person that you need to be to then live the life that you dream of.”

Amanda was holidaying with friends when she thought she’d had a stroke. It started with pins and needles, as well as numbness.

Amanda Campbell was 24 and working her dream job in fashion in Melbourne when her life came crashing down.

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‘I had no choice but to succeed’ – Daily Mail interview

‘I had no choice but to succeed’: How a woman left PARALYSED by multiple sclerosis aged 29 beat the odds to run again in just eight weeks

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Body & Soul Interview

Diagnosed with MS at age 24, Amanda Campbell credits this unusual treatment for her recovery.

I’ve been aware of autoimmune disorders since my twin sister Nicole was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease when we were 11. She eventually recovered and went into remission at age 19.

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Amanda & Henry (her pug) in the Age

Amanda and Henry in The Age

Amanda and Henry in The Age

Muzzle the bite of vet bills with pet insurance

Amanda Campbell loves her dogs, but one of them, Henry, is a six-year-old pug, a particularly expensive breed.

Vet visits include the once-a-year vaccinations and to have Henry’s nails clipped, but there have also been plenty of unscheduled visits.

Henry once ate chocolate, has had ear infections, and once tore a ligament in his knee.

Full Article here on The Age

Amanda enjoys her role as a MS Ambassador for MS Limited

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“The secret of happiness and the power of love  - a story of loss and awakening”



"In 2004, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and by 2009, I had completely lost the ability to walk, wash and feed myself. My world was turned upside down. It was in this time of true loss, I had a miraculous awakening." Read story

Soul Cuisine

This is such an amazing and inspiring story of courage by Amanda Campbell, who, at the tender age of 24, was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Her shear determination turned her life around and now she shares her knowledge, passion and purpose with others to help them do the same…this is Amanda’s story…


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Chef Pete Evans

Pete Evans was kind enough to share my story with his huge Facebook 1.5 million followers, in December 2014.

Bend Like Bamboo became booked out for 6 months in advance with clients flying in from all over the world to meet Amanda and learn her Bend Like Bamboo method.

Amanda features on page 8 of Autumn Edition of the
Lightworker Advocate

“One day, I remember sitting in my wheelchair in my rehab session, working hard, trying to make my fingers open and close, with tears running down my face, because it was so hard! And so in that moment I just decided. I awakened. I was either going to give up now or I was going to tackle this head on!

I had to change my mind and what was possible, to get results.” Amanda Campbell





Brave Woman Shares Her Incredible Recovery Story From Multiple Sclerosis – The Carousel

A young Melbourne women who recovered from Multiple Sclerosis which left her paralysed inspiring stories shared in a new healthcare series Recover/Me airing this week.

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VinoMofo invests in Amanda’s food business, Nourissh – Australian Financial Review

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Amanda talks with Michael Acanfora from The Centre for Epigenetic Expression in New York and Founder of Beyond your Wildest Genes Podcast.

Learn about how Amanda is now thriving after a MS diagnosis.

Amanda Campbell chats to Damian Kristof, Brett Hill and Laurence Than on The Wellness Guys Show
14th November 2016

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May 25, 2017 by Jules Galloway 

Meet Amanda Campbell from Bend Like Bamboo. She’s a passionate kinesiologist with a special interest in autoimmune conditions. You see, when Amanda was in her 20’s, she was diagnosed with MS, and autoimmune condition that many would consider to be a life sentence.

From hardcore steroids and months spent in rehab in hospital, to finally being able to wriggle her toes, and then learning to walk again, Amanda’s road to recovery looks like a long and arduous uphill struggle. Then she discovered kinesiology, mindset changes and wholefood eating, and this became her turning point for transformation.


Check out a Facebook live interview with Founder Lisa Sweeney of Business in Heels
I am proud to join Business in heels as an Ambassador

At Business in Heels we love to help savvy entrepreneurs and professional women in business grow and develop through connections. Today your network is your key tool for success. We work to develop your confidence, simplify your road to success, by engaging you in our collaborative community.




Broadcasting on 31st August 2017, the pilot for the Recover/Me series combines stories of recovery in health and every day life, with education. This show is hosted by the talented Ann-Maree Kurzydloin interview with Amanda Campbell. Also in the show, Illusionist Jack Daniels talks about Project Magic and it’s impact in recovery, currently being used at the Nepean Hospital.

Rae Bonnie Interview’s Amanda Campbell about her story on her show ‘Its ok not to be ok not to be ok’ 94.1 3AWBC

They discuss The Bend Like Bamboo Method and play songs that her twin sister and her sang and wrote in their 20’s.