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Amanda is dedicated to helping Australians improve their health & wellbeing

 We know that Companies with a sense of passion and purpose are more successful. Our Bend Like Bamboo workshops are designed to shift ingrained thinking and provide practical skills to help participants reduce workplace stress and improve their health.

Though an inspirational keynote address, Amanda will educate and inspire participants by sharing her story and her strategies for building resilience.

Though tailored workshops around three key themes of mind, body and nutrition, Amanda and her colleagues help shape self-awareness amongst participants and provide solutions to pressing workplace issues.

Our goal is to educate and inspire you to optimise health, happiness and performance.

The results: improved productivity, better mindset and increased resilience.


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The Bend Like Bamboo Method

Be open for possibility

Get to the bottom of your alarmed state

Structurally, biochemically emotionally and electromagnetically

Give your mind and body the right environment to reset

Public Speaking

This is a presentation about how you can give your mind and body the best environment to reset and perform.

Nourish your body with optimal nutrition.

Mindset is pivotal to repair and success mentally and physically.

Movement can assist you to achieve your goals.

This is how you build momentum, you can reconnect to your body internally and externally with relationships, personally and professionally.

Learn to Bend Like Bamboo with flexibility, and maximise resilience.

An introduction to the concepts covered in the full workshop:

  • How to feel balanced and integrated mentally and emotionally

  • How to view your life with a fresh outlook and higher understanding

  • Meditation and the importance of mindfulness in your personal life and at work

  • How movement is connected to your emotional health, learning daily

  • Stretches and exercises designed to optimise your posture at home, work and dynamically

  • How to nourish your body on a cellular level – addressing the science behind whole foods and how they are sourced

  • How to reconnect with a more comprehensive understanding of yourself and those around you

  • You will learn to see obstacles as opportunities with a fresh mindset. This will lead to a better understanding of what your business and personal needs are

All participants receive the Optimal Health eBook valued at $20

"To bend like bamboo is to bend with the change that is inevitable in life. To Bend Like Bamboo is to increase adaptability, building resilience." Amanda Campbell


45 Min presentation

“When we have a reason to care we become more loyal and passionate, less stressed and more effective” Amanda Campbell

‘Bend Like Bamboo’ is a session delivered in a keynote or workshop, that inspires your team to optimise their health, happiness and productivity. 

Amanda discusses how she learned to Bend Like Bamboo, changing her mind about what was possible and found resilience to move through her setback even when the odds were against her. 


Customised Presentations:

  • Amanda will coach your team to optimise their mindset with mindfulness techniques.

  • You can book a movement session with Amanda's team to optimise posture at work with stretches and exercises designed to maximise mindset.

  • Nourish your body on a cellular level with nutrition. Learn how to optimise your kitchen and food preparation, get a cook-up from our world renowned chef!



Bend like Bamboo is a health and wellbeing program that empowers busy women and men to improve their physical health and mindset, building inner resilience as a result.

Research shows that healthy employees are more productive, which leads to increased profitability and happiness at work.

Australian workers take 90 million sick days off every year. Research shows that healthy and engaged employees have 37% fewer sick days, 30% higher productivity, which leads to increased profitability, 2.5 better customer satisfaction and happiness at work.

Full day workshops are available from the BMF model body, mind and food.

This also includes a session with the Immunity to Change Program. Developed by Harvard Professors, Robert Kegan and Lisa Lahey, the Immunity to Change programme helps leaders and organisations understand their own individual belief systems and assumptions which may be preventing them from making sustainable changes and holding them back in their leadership goals.



"Amanda has a beautiful heart and intuitive soul. I had a positive experience in my session and I really appreciate her holistic approach to total wellness." Terri Vinson, Synergie Skin

"We have engaged Amanda for a number of our corporate community events and not only is she an absolute professional who makes the whole process effortless, but she is an engaging and inspiring presenter with an incredible passion for what she does. She also always goes the extra mile to engage one on one with those who want to approach her following her presentation, which enhances the experience of our guests. We hope to work with her again many times in the future."

Bella, Equiem

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"Amanda has a beautiful heart and intuitive soul. I had a positive experience in my session and I really appreciate her holistic approach to total wellness."

Terri Vinson, Synergie Skin

"Thank you so much for coming and speaking to us at LinkedIn. Your presentation was inspiring, insightful and has given me the motivation to make some great changes in my life. I know the team here really valued the information you shared with us."

Tina Hamburger, Global Workplace Services at Linkedin

"Thank you so much again for your presentations in our Melbourne and Sydney offices. You are a very engaging and inspiring speaker and your passion truly comes through in your presentation."

Minter Ellison


"Your presentation was very engaging, inspiring, clear and articulate.” - Ethyn, AON Insurance Employee

Thank you so much for organising, i really enjoyed it and found her very inspiring, really worthwhile. - Christine L (Department of Justice)

I really enjoyed, I am going to get her to send me the slides so you should have a look. For someone with same disease, really beneficial, really enjoyed. Thanks for organising. - Rachael H (Australia Post)

She was great. I believe it all, and might just book myself a kinesiology session (and a naturopathy session). - Cherie P (Senvion)

Yes, she was very good at presenting and talking! I enjoyed it. She offered some good insights and things to think about. - Heather F (CenITex)

Thoroughly enjoyed Amanda’s talk – great presentation, I feel totally inspired! :). - Bianca M (Northern Trust)

Thanks for organising, Amanda was certainly inspirational and motivating. - Annette K (Australia Post)

The presentation with Amanda was very inspiring, engaging and positive. Really enjoyed it and highly recommended. - Ethyn T (AON)
I really enjoyed Amanda’s presentation and listening to her unfortunate yet inspiring journey!

What an amazing young woman! Wednesday's session helped reinforce the most important thing in life – which is health and wellbeing. On a positive note I try an incorporate the colours of the rainbow into my diet daily so I’m glad I’m on the right track. Thank you for organising ­ . - Nuvit D (Australia Post)

I thought that it was a fantastic presentation. Amanda was specific with facts where she had sourced her information/inspiration. - Monica P (Senvion)


"Amanda has built an incredible business in such a short period of time because of her tremendous belief, passion and drive.

She faces challenges with an inner strength that very few possess and this makes her a formidable force in business.

One of Amanda's leadership strengths that I truly admire is her openness to feedback and growth. She doesn't let ego get in the way of the success which is rare.

Amanda is an exceptional leader and true inspiration" Justin Dry

Co-Founder and Joint CEO of VinoMofo, Investor for Nourissh

“I have been working with Amanda for the last 6 months helping with the planned expansion of Nourissh@work. I have been involved in many start up businesses during the last 40 years and have met and worked with many entrepreneurs during that time. Amanda is up there with the best of them, her underlying passion "to do some good" is the foundation of her success to date, but what has impressed me even more is her commitment and dedication to make Nourissh successful, and her personal growth as a business person. All startups face challenges in the early stages of the business and it takes a real strength of character, a true belief in yourself as a leader, and a focus on what you are trying to achieve to be able to navigate through these challenges, while at the same time remaining positive and supportive of your team. Amanda has all these attributes and more importantly is growing and developing her skills every month. Nourissh will become a very successful Australian company and this will be as a result of Amanda efforts and skills and her desire to make a difference in the world”

Rod Dry

Business colleague assisting Amanda with corporates at Nourissh

“I still remember sitting across the boardroom table when Amanda first pitched her startup Nourissh to us. There was light and passion pouring out from her, filling the room, and you could not help but be swept up in it.

Twelve months later, and that same light and passion, as well as grit, resilience and steadfast belief, has seen that business thrive and grow. She tackles obstacles with steely determination, and her pure belief in what she is doing, her driving purpose, has never wavered.

We need more founders like Amanda. She is selfless and dedicated. It's inspiring.”

Andre Eikmeier
Joint CEO and Founder of VinoMofo