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Amanda has a passion to inspire and educate individuals to change their mind about what is possible in their mind, body and life.
On her own personal journey, she has learned about the power of the mind-body connection. Achieving a balanced approach and recovery, she truly believes when given the right environment, the mind and body are capable of producing incredible results.

At her speeches and workshops, Amanda shares her own personal experience of her diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis that led to a paralysis on the entire left-hand side of her body at age 29 years old. With the odds stacked against her, she had to change her mind about what was possible, when she had no choice but to succeed.

A decade later, and now an accredited Sports Kinesiologist, she has made a full recovery. She now spends her time helping others rebuild from setbacks, change and illness using The Bend Like Bamboo Method promoting resilience and potential.

The Professional Challenge

• Australian workers take 90 million sick days every year

• Stress-related illness costs the Australian economy over $15B annually

• 47% of the time, workers are mentally off-task

The Personal Challenge

• Inflammation, disease, poor digestion

• Lack of energy, drive and motivation

• . Anxiety and depression

The Wellbeing Solution

• For every $1 spent on employee health and wellbeing there’s a ROI of $5.81

• Wellbeing programs decrease sick leave absenteeism by 25.3%

• Healthy workers are 3 times more effective than unhealthy workers

• Customer satisfaction has been proven to increase by as much as by 250%


  • Better resilience, productivity and performance

  • Let go of stress and negative patterns

  • Rebuild from setbacks

  • Give your mind and body the right environment to reset and perform



The Bend Like Bamboo Method

To Bend Like Bamboo is to change your mind about what is possible.

Our program is designed to give the mind and body the right environment to repair and thrive, maximising resilience that results in optimised health and performance.


Flexibility in your mindset impacts everything that matters:

 Your body’s ability to repair

 How happy and resilient you are

 How you perform in times of setbacks


Leverage the mind-body connection with movement

To promote posture, fitness and detoxification

To process emotions promoting positivity and letting go of negativity

Manage stress with stretches and exercises


Nourish your body on a cellular level

What are the best foods to increase for optimal health, backed by science

Where your food comes from matters

How do I implement this into my daily routine


30- 60 Min presentation

Though an inspirational keynote address, Amanda will educate and inspire participants by sharing her story and strategies for building resilience to maximise health and performance in times of setbacks.

Our tailored workshops are built around three key themes from The Bend Like Bamboo Method: mind, body and nutrition. In these workshops, Amanda and her co-presenters help shape self-awareness with researched facts, providing personal experience and practical solutions to everyday challenges.

Sessions range from 30 mins – 1 hour depending if inclusive of Q & A and a meditation.
Presentations can be further tailored to suit your team objectives and time requirements.


Customised WORKSHOPS:

  • Amanda will coach your team to optimise their mindset with mindfulness techniques.

  • You can book a movement session with Amanda's team to optimise posture at work with stretches and exercises designed to maximise mindset.

  • Nourish your body on a cellular level with nutrition. Learn how to optimise your kitchen and food preparation, get a cook-up from our world renowned chef!



"Amanda has a beautiful heart and intuitive soul. I had a positive experience in my session and I really appreciate her holistic approach to total wellness." Terri Vinson, Synergie Skin

"We have engaged Amanda for a number of our corporate community events and not only is she an absolute professional who makes the whole process effortless, but she is an engaging and inspiring presenter with an incredible passion for what she does. She also always goes the extra mile to engage one on one with those who want to approach her following her presentation, which enhances the experience of our guests. We hope to work with her again many times in the future."

Bella, Equiem

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