Silk chicken salad with broccoli & goji berries

Silk chicken salad with broccoli & goji berries

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Makes 4

400g chicken breast (sliced)

400ml coconut milk

400ml water

2g or 1 cinnamon quill

1g or 1 cardamom pod

7.5g or ½ bunch fresh thyme


70g or 1 cup chopped savoy cabbage

70g or 1 cup chopped red cabbage

90g or 1 cup broccoli heads

40g or 2 tablespoons goji berries

2.5g or ½ small bunch fresh parsley

10g or ½ bunch fresh dill

5g or ½ bunch fresh mint leaves


85g or 2 cups baby spinach

80g or 4 tablespoons coyo yogurt

20ml or 1 tablespoons lemon juice

20ml or 1 tablespoon coconut nectar

20ml or 1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar

2.5g or ½ teaspoon sea salt

15g or 1 green long chillies (deseed)



1.  To make the silk chicken; place the chicken breast into a pot and fill with water and coconut milk. Add cinnamon, cardamom and thyme.  Bring to the boil then turn off the heat and place a lid on the pot and leave for 2 hours.

2.  *Alternatively, you can place the chicken, water and coconut milk in a deep tray and bake at 200 degrees for 25 minutes.

3.  Once the chicken is cooked, remove the chicken from the poaching liquid and discard the herbs and spices.

4. To make the coconut yogurt dressing; slice the green chillies down the middle then remove the seeds with a small knife, place into a blender with the spinach and blitz until combined, then add the yogurt, lemon juice, coconut nectar & salt. Blitz again for a further minute. Season with apple cider vinegar. Set aside until needed.

5. To make the salad; shred the savoy cabbages long ways on an angle to produce strands, repeat with the red cabbage. Remove the broccoli heads into bite size pieces, and blanch in hot water and cook for 2 minutes then place straight into ice water for a further minute and place into a large salad spinner and remove water, set aside.

6. Place the goji berries in a container and cover with filtered water, let them soak for 10 minutes then remove as much water as possible, set aside.

7. Pick the herbs from the stem, wash under water then dry in the salad spinner removing as much water as possible.

8. To finish the salad, place some cabbage, herbs, goji & broccoli in a bowl, dress with chilli yogurt then place chicken on top.


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