Photo by  Joel Naren  on  Unsplash

Photo by Joel Naren on Unsplash

Today we are so familiar with being distracted, by work, technology and planning for the future. We are more distracted than routinely focused.

Have you ever noticed how important your state is? Mentally when you are present and focused how much work do you get done, how much more productive are you? You can can get more done in one hour than what may take you half a day when you are not in a good mental state.

In a busy world of distraction, it is critical to get into as state of focus daily.

Impacts of distraction:

  • Fatigue

  • Major lack of productivity and creativity

  • Anxiety

When we are distracted in our outer world, it can really mirror the environment of our inner world. Remember that what you think and how you feel has a direct correlation to how your body is perceiving your environment and this will dictate what signals are fired out to your cells.

Another reason we may distract ourselves is to deflect from difficult emotions or life events that we believe we are unable to deal with in our lives right now. When we are stressed we tend to go into ‘autopilot’ which is a state where we divert to old programs that can be fear driven leading to sabotage and bad health.

As opposed to being present in the moment, which Brice Lipton calls ‘honeymoon’ state where we can create something new. New behaviours, a fresh mindset and harmony in the body.

If you can practice daily tools that lead you to be focus and in the moment rather than distracted, not only will you be able to transform this inner conflict for yourself, you will also give your mind and body the best environment to heal.

  1. Wash your mind daily with meditation and journalling. Such simple tasks can truly change your life helping to improve your state and focus. When you meditate see it as an opportunity to cleanse your mind of old ideas and redundant negative patterns. Journalling will assist you to be more aware of what is distracting you allowing you to transform your distraction into focus.

  2. Give your body the environment that reflects a state of focus. Stretches and exercises are a great way to process emotions that can help you to get focused. I have customised simple ones you can do in your own home that are simultaneously nourishing a mind-body connection.

  3. Nourish your body on a cellular level with real wholefoods to help your body to choose growth and repair pathways rather than a stressful one. Enjoy recipes in my Happy Food eBook and a tip to eat better at home is to master x 5 sides x 5 salads x 5 sauces x 5 proteins and you can then mix and match enjoying 625 recipes !

Benefits of a focused state

When you are focused you can be more present in the moment. It from this place you can promote a healing and calm mind and body. It is only when we are feeing at peace within ourselves that we can make the changes we must make to grow and transform in our lives. Start a morning and evening ritual today and begin to make a focused state the power tool to get through anything.

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