Do something that scares you every day

In honour of mental health week on 10th October This week’s blog is dedicated to the power of he mind.

I believe that flexibility builds resilience. When we are wired to survive, this can be hard to do, especially when we are stressed. But if you train your brain daily to get out of your comfort zone, you are doing yourself a favour. Fear can be mistaken with excitement - it is all perception. Both emotions feel similar bit one is perceived as positive with butterflies in the stomach and the other with dread. Learning to control your reactions with dictate your state and how you perceive stress every day.

What you believe is what matters. What you believe about yourself, your circumstances and what is possible for you will typically go one of two ways.

  1. High self esteem, and a belief in yourself will be mirror growth and repair pathways in the mind and body, leading to happier and healthier thoughts, feelings and reactions.

  2. A lack of belief in yourself and choosing to be held back by fear will lead to your cells perceiving threat. Your brain will prioritise keeping you alive instead of nourishing your reproductive, digestion and immune systems.

The good news is, you are in charge of your perceptions, how you react and what you believe. The trick is being aware of what they are, which pathway you are firing, then following through will enforcing growth and repair or changing your mind about fear and survival. When you can master your mind in this way, you can create a happy and healthy mind body and life.


Reassess Responsibility Rewire (1).png
  1. Reassess your behaviour every day by noticing your reactions - they are a mirror image of what you believe. Catch yourself in your reactions and ask “what belief is this making true for me” and also ask yourself - is this story true? Another excellent technique to get into the subconscious brain where your beliefs life is in Kinesiology Sessions.

  2. When you are aware of what is blocking you, you can take responsibility to change it. When you know why you do what you do, you can find love and compassion to empower yourself to tweak your path towards a life filled with love and success. There are many ways to take responsibility and I like to address a Happy Mind that is connected to a Happy Body whilst nourishing it with Happy Foods.

  3. From here you can rewire the brain with repetition. It takes 21 days to create anew habit so daily consistency is key. To help you to tay on track I developed these tools of journalling and meditation that have really helped me on my journey. Do something that scares you everyday as you are building resilience in your mindset to get out of your comfort zone, when this becomes normal for you loo out you will be unstoppable!. Start with smaller changes like drive on different routes and brush your teeth with your opposite hand, the smaller changes will . translate to bigger ones.


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