Chaos and Change


In my own personal experience and also something I witness working with clients every day, is what seems to hold many of us back from making the changes that are required to move towards a path that will lead to what we want, is because we are afraid of the chaos.

Chaos can be from past trauma, therefore we can convince ourselves that if we lean into uncertainty and take a risk, we may fall into difficult times of chaos all over again. Because it is safer to think of worst case scenario’s you need to consciously focus on the positive to change you mind and lean in. Here are some tools in this week's blog.


  1. The trick is to give yourself the environment to shift that alarmed state, so your brain can stop perceiving threat and danger, into a safer state that will help you to feel calmer. In this place you will feel like your nervous system has literally put the brakes on, you will have a deeper connection to your gut instinct and will be guided to knowing what to do. You will open your mind to new possibilities and think in innovative new directions, professionally and personally.

  2. It is easier to know the next step when you know what direction you are going. Focus on what you want and only on the joy that this new direction will bring you. Imagine it, feel it and embody the state you must be in to have it already.

  3. Process your emotions and thoughts, quiet your mind with daily meditation. Your state is so important so book this in as a meeting in your diary. Check out my eBooks with tools here

  4. What you believe is what matters, can you find the courage to believe that when you make this change, when you stare into the abysse of uncertainty, that things will go well for you? To make things happen for yourself you must align your desire with what you believe can be possible!

  5. Align your mind and body with your gut instinct / spirit / guidance and as you go through change things will start to appear more effortless for you. Do not focus on negative scenario’s in your mind, only focus on how exciting the new direction will be and the joy that is coming your way.

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