The emotional links to epilepsy

At Bend Like Bamboo I specialise in the emotional links to disease and physical stress. In traditional Chinese medicine our muscles are associated with your organs and also your emotions, which is why a sore neck is linked with emotions of over worry. The stomach organ is in charge of digestion, if there is a physical imbalance here I will look at how are you currently digesting life?

Today’s blog is about EPILEPSY.

Epilepsy occurs when the brain loses its ability to regulate the speed of the electrical charges and thoughts, that travel across neurones in the brain. Fast charges causes a depolarisation in the neurones.
This may create unintentional stimulus that activates physical activity of muscles, leading to a seizure.

The emotional links to epilepsy focuses on the speed of the electrical activity that can relate to the speed of the mind's thought processes which are required to perform and respond to life's situations. In life, when we become concerned that about a perceived inappropriate action, we may also lose the perceived ability to be in control of how fast we can or need to respond to a situation. The question to ask yourself is are you concerned about your ability to control how fast, you need to think or respond to a situation in life? Are you feeling inadequate, attacked, criticised to condemned to a certain fate? Are you perceiving feelings of neglect, abandonment, feeling unwanted or violated? Do you have a belief that there is something wrong with you?

Perceived is the key word, we always perceive stress and this is also dictated by our beliefs and environment. This is not to say if you have epilepsy you are also feeling attacked, these are questions to ask yourself, so that you can assess your stress levels, and shift them. The brain is the control centre and is very much in charge with how in control we feel emotionally. This may affect the function of the cells in the mind, that regulate the electrical system in the mind.

If any of these emotions resonate with you, also ask yourself if they have become the topic of your life, leading you to look at all of the events in your life through these eyes and belief. When the subconscious mind draws a comparison between your concern and a current situation - this is what may lead to an 'attack’.


The brain is already designed to be fast and respond to our needs. Can you upgrade the information in your mind, that you will always respond to a situation in a time frame that is aligned with your growth. That you are safe and protected. Focus on breathing and prioritising growth and repair pathways with nutrient dense wholefoods. Process your thoughts by writing in a journal, meditate, catch yourself when you start to over-plan or overthink. Movement like yoga and tai chi are fantastic for releasing stress in the brain.

When we change the way we feel about something it can change what we see in our reality around us, but also what occurs biochemically in the body. Everything is connected.


I trust in the flow of life

All of our decisions always lead to precisely the correct situation to grow

Emotional links to disease inspired by research
by: Gregory O. Neville and Inna Segal

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