Lose what needs to be lost to find what needs to be found

Sometimes we wait until we have no choice but to succeed to completely reset from old patterns. For me personally, at age 24 I wasn’t listening to the signs as I was unable to hear my own guidance and inner voice. I was living disconnected and unhappy with how I felt about myself and direction in life. I thought it was normal to feel this way for so long. I watched others live this way from a young age, and I took other people’s habits on as my own without realising I had a choice to change my mind about what could be possible for me.


On my journey I discovered that above all, flexibility in your mindset impacts everything that matters: your body’s ability to repair, how happy and resilient you are, and how connected you feel. There are so many moving parts to the human mind, body and experience. What works for one person may not be relevant to another. We are unique individuals on our very own path. Whilst mindset was pivotal, nutrition and movement were also key components to my success, as was building a team of specialists around me that I could learn from and trust to custom an approach that was right for me. There are doctors out there that make you feel like they are working for you and with you and it is your job to persist until you find your tribe. I personally take a balanced and integrated approach to health, fusing East and Western medicines. For me this maximised my results.

I stand here today against all odds. In my experience, I had no choice but to succeed and I had to learn how to ‘bend like bamboo’ to survive when I was faced with a MS diagnosis at age 24 and a paralysis at age 29. I faced my worst fears and I did that by finding a way to change what I believed was possible. The results were so incredible I had to dedicate my life learning how I achieved it.

One of my favourite quotes is "lose what needs to be lost to find what needs to be found" www.e-motionthemovie.com

When you lose something in your life, your job, loved one or function in your body it can be so hard. An ending is also a beginning and sometimes we must lose ourselves to find our way back and how we go about rebuilding is everything. It is how open you are to learn all the lessons along the way, that will set you free and will make you into who you are here to be. From this place you are untouchable.

This experience led me to change my career from Fashion to study traditional Chinese medicine and Sports Kinesiology. I still apply the core foundations that helped me to transform my life 10 years ago into my life daily in a maintenance program and my results keep getting better and better. I naturally wanted to share what I had learned and how I connected the dots of how I became unwell after I went back to school to study the mind and body’s connection. I instinctively wondered if I could mimic my results, helping others. My passion is to inspire and educate individuals to change their mind about what is possible. On my own personal journey, I learned about the power of the mind-body connection in a trial and error approach. Achieving a balanced approach and recovery, I truly believe when given the right environment, the mind and body are capable of producing incredible results.

I now understand that setbacks in life are designed to bring a balance of chaos and balance into our lives of ups and downs. You will suffer less if you learn how to embrace and expect change. It is my mission to review the way we can resist change as without it we would not grow and evolve. We cannot know the light without the dark or real joy without an understanding of despair. This pattern creates a comparison that is universal law. If you open your heart it will reward you with happiness and gratitude that you cannot teach or buy.

I believe that how we show up in our lives in times of setbacks leads us to a magical path. Whatever scares you the most, is the very thing you must do and overcome. In fact make this a daily ritual and fall in love with being out of your comfort zone, for this is where true joy can be found. Beyond your deepest darkest fears, is a rainbow and a space where all of your wildest dreams and more will open up and come true for you.

Everything that you are going through right now, is preparing you to become the person you are ready to be and there are some very valuable lessons you will pick up along the way that will give you the wisdom and insight into who you must become, to have the life you wish for.

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