How to forgive yourself


As a practitioner that is passionate about the emotional links to disease, I am so fascinated about how the body talks to us, especially when we have refused to listen. There are various reasons why we may block awareness of our feelings, they may be difficult, or we may not want see what is in front of us, or the changes we would have to make if we acknowledged them. Our emotions may be triggering painful memories from the past that are unresolved or we may not be ready to understand something. When you are feeling conflicted in your mind or your body, it is so important to be kind to yourself, realise that you are human. It is a process and being hard on yourself will only put you into anxious or highly unproductive state.

As Don Miguel would say "always do your best" and know that when you don't quite get it right, that's ok. What you do about it when you fall is what matters. I personally take pride in the daily practice of 'doing the work’, I try and see my life through the eyes of the people that are in my life as well as my own. But I also make mistakes at times and we have to recognise that this is part of the learning curve. If you are feeling bad about yourself and cannot seem to forgive yourself for making a mistake, or if you are experiencing shame or you know you have lately been taking your frustration out on the ones you love, this week's blog is for you.

1. When you realise you have made a mistake, own it. The impact of just saying you are sorry can heal more than you think. The ability to be kind to yourself will also mirror how kind you will be to others.

2. Move on, every day is a new opportunity to start fresh and create something new, take this opportunity. After a week of doing this you can turn everything around.

3. What did you learn? Remember that setbacks are designed to move you to a new path and conflict can occur when you are switching direction in your mindset or life. It is uncomfortable to embrace uncertainty and the unfamiliar, find your centre again and move forward with clarity and inspiration, letting go of the old embracing the new.

4. What you believe is what matters, how kind you are to yourself is a reflection of what you believe you deserve. If this needs some work, refer to 'the work' of meditation and journaling to process what needs to transform.

5. Focus on what you want, have a clear path and intention daily towards who you want to be. What would you wear, how would you walk or walk if you embodied this personality already?

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