Reconnect the heart-brain connection to transform your life

Heart brain connection

Heart brain connection

I believe we can overcome any setback. To do so we must see them with fresh eyes. What if setbacks were just a change in direction towards a path you are supposed to walk down? If we were flexible enough to get out of our comfort zone maybe we could embrace this perfect design of life? Setbacks can feel terrible as they involve change and uncertainty, and when we are stressed we are thrown into primitive reactions to protect ourselves. We will focus on what we don't want to happen and can detach from our hearts, losing connection, as a result and we feel flat inside. The loss of motivation and lack of action triggers off more fear and uncertainty and so the spiral begins.

Your reactions are so important and how you manage life's ups and downs will determine how you feel, how you will respond and also how healthy you are. When we close off our hearts the brain-heart connection severs. We need our hearts open to remain calm, and in the moment we can respond from love instead of fear. When we can anchor into ourselves, particularly in times of setbacks we open up possibility and we can problem solve.

As a scanning mediation drop out of your head and into your heart and imagine it expands to the front and back of your body. Now open, imagine your heart energy connects to your brain and there is now a coherency. From here you can sync this harmony into your nervous system balancing feeling on all of the time to a healthier on and off cycle. from here, anything is possible.

Who we become as we navigate our way through life's ups and downs is what life is all about. Therefore, all the steps along the way are what matters rather than just the destination.

Daly tips to open the heat-brain connection

  • Learn lessons along the way, own the journey and find hope again

  • Take responsibility to do whatever it takes to transform through what you are going through

  • Go out of your way to seek joy in your life

  • Nourish your mind and body with good food, good relationships and meditation

  • Surrender to uncertainty

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