The emotional links to menopause


At Bend Like Bamboo I specialise in the emotional links to disease and physical stress. In traditional Chinese medicine our muscles are associated with your organs. But also your emotions, which is why a sore neck is linked with emotions of over worry. The stomach organ is in charge of digestion, if there is a physical imbalance here I will look at how are you currently digesting life?

Today’s blog is about MENOPAUSE.


When menopause occurs, this is when we experience a change in hormones that allow the female or male body. It is a natural stage in life and is very lated to a time when one will review or return to their own personal development in their life.

Symptoms of Male Menopause

  • low energy.

  • depression or sadness.

  • decreased motivation.

  • lowered self-confidence.

  • difficulty concentrating.

  • insomnia or difficulty sleeping.

  • increased body fat.

  • reduced muscle mass and feelings of physical weakness.

Symptoms of Female Menopause

  • Vaginal dryness.

  • Hot flashes.

  • Chills.

  • Night sweats.

  • Sleep problems.

  • Mood changes.

  • Weight gain and slowed metabolism.

  • Irregular periods.


When we experience discomfort during this change, this can be related to how we are thinking or feeling about this change in life. What you believe matters, and it may be difficult to allow these changes to happen in your mind and body. The more you can bend like bamboo and go with the flow with change, the less suffering you may experience. Change can bring stress, but if you can shift your perception, you can experience more harmony in the body. There are some emotional links to menopause and if any of these points resonate with you they can be a great way to bring some suppressed emotions to your awareness where you reassess them.

The Emotional links to menopause:

Feel that you have lost your 'role' in life, for EG when the kids leave home.

Thinking that your responsibilities must change as a result of this change in life and this concerns you.

Menopause can bring up the fear of ageing for anyone.

Believing you are unworthy of love and attention now as a consequence of the changes in the body. It can be a time when one rejects their feminine aspect. Feeling useless or 'past your used by date'.

Moving into menopause we can revisit old stuff we have not yet worked through or new themes of personal development may arise. A hot flush can represent being concerned about working on your identity or personal development.


Focus on the positive, embrace change as natural and let go of your thoughts that don’t serve you.

Write a journal about your positive and difficult thoughts everyday.

Meditate on these thoughts daily and let them go.

Move your body exercise and stretches can empower you to love your body

Eat nutrient dense wholefoods

Get 8 hours sleep a night or more

Be conscious of your thoughts and catch yourself when you go into a negative story, you can rewrite it at any time.

When we change the way we feel about something it can change what we see in our reality around us, but also what occurs biochemically in the body. Everything is connected.



We are always working on our personal development in our lives.

I am safe and lovable.



Emotional links to disease inspired by research
by: Gregory O. Neville and Inna Segal

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