How to overcome any setback


Setbacks are designed to move you, you are supposed to feel uncomfortable.

We get so used to living in our comfort zone. The brain likes the familiar, it is always looking for the safest way to keep you safe. Today I want to ask you, is it familiar for you to feel inspired, alive and motivated? Is it familiar for you to getting out of your comfort zone? Or has it become familiar to feel stuck in fear, lacking willpower and belief in yourself? Does your environment mirror what you are wanting or yourself or are you constantly feeling like nothing is going right for you?

When you are wanting to overcome anything in your life, mindset is key.

Flexibility in your mindset impacts everything that matters:

  • your body’s ability to repair

  • How happy and resilient you are

  • How connected you feel

  • How you will show up in the world

  • The choices you will make

  • How anxious or relaxed you are

  • How much energy you have

We know that an inflexible mindset is linked to having more anxiety, so I help my clients to make flexibility familiar. To Bend Like Bamboo is to bend with change which reduces suffering. I had to learn that the hard way on my journey. It took a slow cruel 10 days to become completely paralysed, and while it was happening, I really didn’t want it to happen. Pushing against the inevitable during that time caused me more suffering, exhausted my energy reserves that were critical for my survival. I also I spent so much of my energy in my 20’s focused on what I didn’t want, rather than what I wanted. When I was at my worst I was entertaining worst case scenario’s, just in case they happened. It led to more stress, more inflammation and a destructive path. However when I had no choice, I surrendered to uncertainty and possibility opened up. I had more energy to problem solve and I saw more opportunities around me once I learned to focus on what I wanted, instead of what I didn’t want.

Imagine what you could achieve if you made getting out of your comfort zone familiar? We will typically choose the familiar path, particularly when we are very stressed. For some of us it has become familiar to stay small, to block pleasure and to feel unwell or exhausted. Do you feel like you are ‘on’ all of the time? This is when we can feel quite stressed and we will always pick the familiar path in this state. Make this state unfamiliar instead and create a new habit starting today.

It is now familiar for you to be brave, to choose resilience instead of fear, to focus on what you want instead of what you don’t. It is familiar to choose wellness and to believe in yourself. Catch yourself when you go back into your old story and choose again.

Setbacks are designed to move you, you are supposed to feel uncomfortable. See them as a detour to the next destination you are actually ready for. If you can become familiar with getting out of your comfort zone, you are not only promoting health but also walking on a path to make your dreams happen.


  • Start with the smaller changes like brushing your teeth with a different hand, drive or walk on different routes - as the smaller changes translate to the bigger ones

  • Do something that scares you - every day !

  • Put the breaks on and bring yourself back into the moment all day long to be in the best state for creating change

  • Journal and meditate daily to rewire the brain

  • Let go of familiar negativity and embrace a new familiar story that aligns with your dreams

  • Become aware of your negative beliefs using Kinesiology

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