Use your thoughts to transform your body and life

What taxes your energy? For some of us it is a lack of sleep, it can be stress, or our to do lists. Because our environment is a mirror of our mindset and beliefs, we can clutter ourselves with being busy, getting lost in chaos, when we don’t have clarity within ourselves. What also is an energy killer and willpower sucker is not believing in yourself or what can be possible for you. The key is to understand your reactions, here are some tips to help rewire your brain for the positive.

Here is an example of a reaction : "I am upset" - you might say to yourself. "That is unfair... of course my meeting cancelled, not another thing today. A date doesn't call you back, or you don't feel valued at work.... why does this always happen to me?"

Ask yourself, is this true? Or is this an assumption? Remember that we divert to our subconscious program when we are stressed, which can be worst case scenario’s and learned fears, rather than possibility or best case scenario’s. Your reactions will give you a clue as to what you are believing about yourself and what is possible for you. If what you want to happen is not aligning with what you believe can be possible it feels crap! Sometimes we can be stressed out about what is actually going on. Or a current scenario can be triggering off something old that is unresolved. So we are often reacting from the past and not in the moment where we can create something new.

If you are believing : "I am not enough, no one loves me, I am not successful or capable, I am not valued… It is like putting lenses over your eyes that mirror these beliefs and this is how you will view the world and perceive your environment.

It takes a lot of energy to not believe in yourself, to feel defeated, feeling a lack of possibility to shift your circumstances. This is also what is making you tired as negative and limiting beliefs are connected to the biochemical pathways in your body and the neurology of your brain. How you are perceiving the world is so important. It is not only how you will create things for yourself in your life but it also determines the health of your body.

If you have been through trauma in your life you will also have familiar and well rehearsed pathways of stress, survival mode leading to a protective mindset. This fires adrenaline and cortisol, burning glucose for fuel leading to food cravings for carbs, sugar and often, inflammation in the body.

Because of the way the brain works, you will seek evidence in your environment to make your beliefs true. It is called The Reticular Activation System. Learn more on that here :

Physical symptoms are a sign that you are not listening to your mind. Or you may be suppressing how you really feel about something as it is too painful to process. The body is so intelligent I believe it is its own way of saying hey pay attention to what you are ignoring ! Sit with it and allow difficult moments to shift and transform. At Bend like Bamboo I specialise in helping my clients unravel this, to rewire the brain and select a new pathway for repair and growth to occur. When we come from a place of believing that 'I am enough, I am safe, everything works out for me" we will choose repair pathways, burn fat for fuel, reducing inflammation. When our mind feels safe to put on the breaks we can start to believe positive beliefs, tapping into our greatest potential and possibility.

What you believe it is key. Use your thoughts to transform your inner dialogue, as when you think like a leader, you will feel like and actor and you will act like one too. When your beliefs align with your desires that is where the magic happens. I call this the sweet spot. I believe this is the best environment for your body to repair and reorganise. It all starts with thought and thoughts are malleable, change your thoughts change your life and transform your health.

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