Fail to succeed


Fail to succeed, or you will never know what you are capable of. Are you the type of person, that believes you are putting yourself out there, but only as much as you feel safe enough to try without feeling like a failure?

I believe there is a ceiling to this approach. Why do we stop ourselves from trying ideas that are radically different from what we think is acceptable within our community, just in case we are criticised or if we fail? Is this the best environment to nourish innovation in the world? How will we support the brave souls who dare to create solutions for some critically important issues we are faced with?

What if we shifted out perspective on failure?

What if we could try and find the courage to fail in order to succeed?

Leaning into ideas that are innovative and different, getting creative and vulnerable is a space where we can think of the unexpected. Imagine where this mindset could lead to and what could be possible? When we are brave enough to try absolutely anything at all, no matter what others will think or how the outcome will unfold, we ramp up our potential and what can be possible. I love watching inspiring youtube video’s and I love doing this to start my day. Last week I learned that we need creativity for our minds and also our soul. When we don’t allow our soul to continue to evolve and ‘expand’ it can become unfulfilled and ‘unhappy’. There are scientists and researchers who will go as far to say that a lack of creativity in our lives, including art and music, becomes toxic.

As a Kinesiologist I can see how our bodies scream at us in so many different ways when we are not aligned to our path. It is a perfect design to get our attention, often after we have been living our lives on autopilot and ‘asleep’.

So today I ask you, how are you implementing creativity into your life? There is a natural state of joy that sings a tune inside of us when we allow ourselves to be creative. To be innovative one must be brave enough to walk a path unpaved. But how can we possibly do that if we will only risk being as creative as is acceptable or expected in our communities? I challenge you this week to go more out of your comfort zone and try things you never have before. Do something that scare you every day and you will begin to be brave enough to change your mind about what can be possible for you. Expect that some of these paths will lead to unexpected of places. Sometimes to a dead end. But sometimes to incredible destinations that you may never have dared to discover before.

To bend like bamboo is to change your mind about what is possible and to embrace uncertainty. Start with smaller changes in your life and you will surprised how this will translate to the bigger choices you will make in your life. Train your mind to think outside of the square.

True leaders in our time have been the ones that have put it all on the line, taken the biggest risks and have come out on the other end with incredible stories to share about their bravery. They live exceptional lives as they have dared to feel their fear and do it anyway and have overcome something within themselves. In order to fail to succeed, can you shift your idea on what failing actually means and even what the definition of success means to you?

I think that trying and giving it a go is succeeding. Without failing we would not have electricity, airplanes or cars. I challenge you to see life and every day that we get here, as a stage to practice trying all the things you wish you dream of but have not yet found the courage to express. Fail to succeed, or you’ll never know what you are capable of x

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