What you believe matters

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Have you ever noticed that just wishing for something to happen, doesn’t mean that it will?

Have you also noticed, that sometimes hard work can make things happen, but other times you can be working your butt off and things are not effortless for you?

That is because what you believe matters.

I have noticed that when my ideas align with what I believe can be possible, they are easier to manifest and I am also maximising repair in the body.

What you believe will dictate :

  • How you show up and the decisions you will make

  • How you manifest things into your life

  • The biochemistry your will fire and the health of your body

The brain’s Reticular Activation System will look for evidence in your environment align wit what you are focused on, its job is to bring more resources to you so you can create what you want. What we are focused on will depend how stressed we are. When we are stressed we tend to focus on what we don’t want, sometimes entertaining worst case scenario’s. As opposed to when we are calm and more in the moment, we are more adaptable to change and we tend to open up and focus more on the positive.

What you believe determines how you will perceive your environment.

Whatever our focus is, we will see more evidence of that in our environment. If you believe that you are not enough, it is like putting on glasses of ‘not enough’ and everything around you will appear this way, altering how you think and feel.

The good news is, you can leverage the way the brain works in this way to shift your focus to the positive, creating better health and making things happen for you all at the same time! How you think, feel, believe and perceive is so connected.

Start with your inner dialogue. Remember your body believes what you tell it so if you are saying to yourself that things aren’t working out for you, you are reinforcing your belief. If your body perceives stress, this sends a signal from your brain out to your organs and glands, controlling your stress and sex hormones, how you feel, your behaviour and the decisions you will make. Let’s use an example of wanting to bring more love into your life. If you wanted to find new love, this is a wish that you would create consciously. If you believe this is possible for you, then your idea is matching what you believe. What you believe matters. If your belief aligns with your desire, not only is it easier to bring this into your life, but it also be very calming for your body. Alternatively, If you did not believe that you will bring more love into your life, it would be harder to create and this conflict can be perceived as stress.

If what you believe matters, then maybe we need to be more aware of what we are believing and if they match our desires? Often our beliefs are suppressed and are out of our awareness. Sometimes they are learned and not even ours. If this sounds like you, know that you can change your mind ! In fact we must make this a daily practice, to assess what is positive, what is negative, what is true and what is an assumption.

When you are in the moment, mindful and conscious, you can create a new idea, belief and response. When you are calm your are in your most adaptable state and this is when you want to create a new idea that can be repeated until it becomes your new belief system. Your reactions also give you a clue as to what you may believe about yourself or your circumstances. For example if something doesn’t go right for you let’s say someone cuts you off on the road, and you respond by saying to yourself, “oh great not another things to happen today!” Typically I know when I react like this when I am believing that other things in my life are not going right too. The person cutting me off is just a trigger making my belief true.

We always try and make our beliefs true.

You can change your beliefs, first recognise what they are, catch yourself and ask yourself is this aligning with that I am trying to create for myself? From here you can create a new habit by consistently every day watch what you saying, feeling and believing. It is really eye opening. Once you see that this is all in your control then it will empower you to create a successful ands healthy life, because you deserve this.

Meditation and journaling are simple and effective tools to bring yourself back into the moment, promoting a calm mindset and new habits.

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