Mental health in May and World MS Day 2019


There is so much you can do to maximise repair in your body. We often get in the way of our body that is quite exceptional at reorganising for us.

My name is Amanda Campbell, I am a Speaker, Sports Kinesiologist and MS Ambassador for MS Limited. I am the founder of Bend Like Bamboo, a wellbeing program designed to maximise resilience, health and performance. 

In honour of Mental health month in May & World MS Day on the 30th May, I am presenting my Happy Mind workshop in a few locations in Melbourne, where I share my story of living with Multiple Sclerosis and my recovery from a paralysis at age 29. I share strategies and lessons that I learned along the way learning how to walk and run again, that later translated to business success and a path to maximise performance. 

 Here is a snapshot of how to promote a HAPPY MIND

Flexibility in your mindset impacts everything that matters: your body’s ability to repair, how happy and resilient you are and how connected you feel.

Why is that important?

Because mindset is pivotal. I wanted to understand how rapid recovery occurred so the last decade I have researched and studies mind-body medicine. I found patterns that correlated with my own journey and also in other people that have had amazing recovery stories and at my practice working with my clients.

You can eat the right food and maybe even train at the gym but these people can still create stress, illness and disease. You can’t miss out on the emotional and mental component of wellness, the body is so connected.


What you believe is a mirror image of what biochemistry you fire - (degenerative, inflammation, stress OR growth and repair).

Your thoughts are creating your future, what you believe is also a mirror of how you will see your environment around you,, how you show up in the world and how big you will play in business.

Want to know how all this works? Come along to one of my talks! I’d love to se you there xxx

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Amanda’s bio

Amanda believes that flexibility builds resilience. Overcoming adversity, Amanda discovered that a flexible mindset impacts everything that matters.

“How you think and feel and believe is a mirror image of how you perceive your environment, how you will show up when tested and the health of your body.” Amanda Campbell

With a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis at age 24 and a paralysis at just 29 years old, Amanda was faced with never walking again. She was stretched to her limit emotionally and physically. With no choice but to succeed and the odds stacked against her, Amanda had to change her mind about what could be possible to create new results.

Embracing a balanced approach, Amanda had to embrace uncertainty and change to discover what she was made of. Learning how to walk and run again led to her transforming her mind, body and life. Now a decade on, Amanda’s passion is to inspire others to embrace their obstacles as an opportunity to awaken their potential whilst maximising health.

Amanda truly believes when given the right environment, the mind and body are capable of producing incredible results. Amanda founded her private practice Bend Like Bamboo in 2013 after winning a Go For Gold Scholarship with MS Limited where she specialises in mindset. A year later she co-founded her second start up Nourissh that received funding from VinoMofo with a focus on nutrition. As a proud MS Ambassador, Amanda has built a career speaking about resilience, promoting wellbeing and potential.

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