How to course correct


It is how you show up in your life when it is not going as expected, that matters. This is an opportunity to create something new, to choose how you will react, discovering what you are made of.

Are you currently faced with:

A new business direction

A new path in your personal life

Or simply wanting a renewed mindset, body or health expression?

I believe that the path to innovation and creativity requires a a similar mindset to getting healthy. When I give my mind and body the best environment to be suggestible to change, to be positive and to see my situation with fresh eyes, that is when the magic happens. Enjoy this week’s tips to being able to course correct in your life :

5 tips to course correct

  1. For a positive perspective practice gratitude journalling morning and night is a game changer. It will shift your focus from the negative to the positive and using focus you can create a new program for your brain. When we are stressed we tend to focus on what we don’t want and on the negative. We over worry and entertain worst case scenarios, wearing lenses that lead to us seeing more evidence of this in in our environment. What we think, feel, believe and perceive sends a signal to all of our cells, that will either promote repair or inflammation in the body. When you journal about what you are grateful for, you shed light onto the positive and this can dramatically impact how you see your circumstances. From this perspective you may find more evidence of abundance around you, creating harmony in your mind and body.

  2. Believe in yourself. Everything begins from a thought to feelings to action. How you think, feel, believe and perceive will dictate how you show up. Your reactions give you a clue about what you are believing. For example if you are quick to blame others you may want to look at unresolved anger or sadness? What do you need to forgive or is there any unresolved resentment. When things don’t go your way, are you quick to say “of course that happened” expecting things to go wrong. That reaction may be a trigger of a belief that NOTHING ever works out for you. So catch yourself in these moments, bring your beliefs in to your awareness, and inquire more. Are they true, are they relevant for now or is this belief old and simply a bad habit? It takes x 21 times to form new habits so practicing expecting things to go well is key!

  3. When you can learn to change your mind about old ideas and redundant beliefs, you can then change your mind about what can be possible for you. Check in regularly with your reactions and have a daily ritual where you are in the moment, forgetting about the past and the future as being mindful in the moment is where the magic happens x

  4. Have a mentor, it is so great to have someone to talk to about obstacles that come up. You are in charge and are responsible for ensuring you feel well resourced. If there is something holding you back from believing that you have everything that you need, remember your environment is a mirror of what you believe you deserve. Also give back and mentor others it will teach you so much, bringing fulfilment to your heart.

  5. When we grow and have the courage to lean into big things in life, we can forget about joy as we become consumed by fear. If you feel like you have lost your way, feel stuck or off course, bring back that fire in your heart again. Take a break, walk away for a bit, workshop and butcher paper ideas that seem ridiculous and think of solutions that you have never thought of before. As mastering flexibility in your mindset can lead you to paths you would never have been open to before. I find if I am stuck, I am off path. Keep tweaking and seek remember to focus on what you want and add in the most important ingredient… joy.

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