Autoimmune Disease Awareness in May

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This month we are generating awareness of Autoimmune Disease.

On my personal wellness journey I have developed an understanding of the importance of taking a balanced approach not only when treating a serious health issue, but in developing the mindset and resulting resilience that is required when recovering from any setback in life.

The work I have created from my heart at Bend Like Bamboo has been to help as many people as I can do feel supported and safe during what can be the most difficult time in their life. It is only when we feel calm that we can then feel safe enough to see our situation with fresh eyes. This in turn will promote growth and reapir in the mind and body resulting in you being more present in the moment. From this space oyu can see th eopportunity in your obstacle. And you can transform you life.

Set backs ai truly believe are designed to move us to a new path that we are ready to walk. It is often a path we avoid out of fear and when we ignore our inner wisdom, the body does an excellent job at screaming at us.

For me it is was amazing how my mindset impacted the recovery of my body. It inspired me so much that I studied the mind-body connection to understand how we are so connected. I truly believe that when we finally deal with unprocessed emotions and old trauma’s it can be like turning the tap off at the cause of inflammation, pain and stress in the body.

The Bend Like Bamboo Method has been half a decade in the making, as by trial and error I have applied mind, body and movement practices into my own life and have slowly integrated all the lessons I have learned along the way with my beautiful clients i see at my practice. I do this alongside the support of a wonderful team of doctor’s that support my balanced approach.

I think conventional medicine can work well in conjunction with complimentary medicine. I utilise both in my health program and I do what is right for me. I have found that educating myself about the various fields of research has not only changed my attitude from living in denial, in fear, of my future to feeling empowered and becoming an active and informed patient, reaping benefits from all approaches available in our medical fields.

Knowledge is power. Such knowledge can also only improve patient care and I do hope we can live in a world very soon where our neurologists are teaching and educating their clients about wellness prevention and dealing with the cause of their disease, lifestyle factors and nutrition, as well as treating their symptoms with the conventional drugs that we have available.

Naturally the next step has been documenting what I have learned into my eBooks and I am excited to launch my book in the next few months with more information to help my Bambooer’s.

I give monthly talks on each topic and you can always find information on them here. The Bend Like Bamboo Method builds resilience with flexibility. Connecting a Happy Mind with a Happy Body whilst fuelling it with Happy Food is our philosophy, giving the mind and body the best environment to transform and repair.

I am a proud Ambassador for MS Limited Australia and am honoured to take part in a few events this month in honour of World MS Day on 30th May, the Walk and Fun Run on Sunday 2nd June you can join Team Bend Like Bamboo and jog with us on the day or simply donate if you can. Read more about the MS Walk and Fun Run in this blog. I am also an Ambassador for The MS Dream Home Lottery Campaign this year get your tickets for a 1: 15 chance of winning a $2.6 million home in the location of your choice or choose $2.6 mil in gold. Read more about the Campaign and how you can get involved here.

This month we will be talking all things autoimmune disease and how you can give yourself the best environment to allow recovery. My number one tip is no matter how hard it is for you, to allow yourself to change your ind about what can be possible for you. Dive in deep and look at all the stuff that may have been buried there for a long long time. I promise you that allowing the dark knight of the soul emerge from the shadows of you is going to be much easier than suppressing them. From here you can let the light in again and clear out the old. Come on this journey with me this month and let me accompany you on this ride, you are not alone. Letting joy into your life again is going to be key and you may find that your body begins to mirror a fresh mindset and renewed sense of self.

To give yourself the best environment to repair we are here to help!

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