Setbacks are detours

Setbacks are designed to move you. To a new path, a new destination. When you wish for something, can you fully let go and trust that it may come into your life in a way that you least expect? There are lessons behind our setbacks. If you can bend in change with flexibility I believe this builds resilience, enabling you to see any obstacles as opportunities. Miracles are often disguised within change.


This week’s blog is about seeing change and setbacks in your life with a new perspective. In order to do this you need to be in a suggestible state, in a calm and happy place. We get bogged down in our time poor days and consume our head space with usual things that we habitually stress out about. Some of our stress is real and legitimate and some of it becomes a routine and habit. So what can you do about it?


When we are thrown our of our comfort zone in times of change, it is so important to anchor yourself. When you are grounded you can have the courage to walk a new path that can lead to all the things you have been wishing for in your life. Having calming daily rituals will help you to maintain your sparkle and inspiration.

Anytime I have been led to an incredible opportunity in my personal or professional life, it has typically come from the most random and unexpected of ways. It also tends to happen when I am feeling inspired in my life. If you are disconnected from your intuition you can lose the courage to make a change in your life. Having daily rituals that ground and connect you will allow you to make good decisions. Maintaining connection in your mind and body also reduces the suffering that often comes with change.

“If you want the rainbow you also have to deal with the rain”. Unknown

Trust in the power of balance and bend like bamboo for maximum resilience.


The power of the mind is incredible, it can surpasses nutrition, movement and statistics. There are so many stories of recovery when the power of the mind is utilised. Wash your mind daily of yesterday’s thoughts, old ideas and negative patterns. Practicing emptying your mind in stillness as often as you can. Still mastering stillness? Here are some mindful meditations that I I love.


Leverage the reticular activation system of the brain to notice more positivity around you. Close the loops in your busy mind by getting your thoughts and integrating them onto paper. I created morning and evening questions to journal to that will assist you to get out of your head to open your heart to possibility.

Move your body

The Bend Like Bamboo Method connects a Happy Mind with a Happy Body whilst eating Happy Food. Our philosophy is to give the mind and body the best environment to transform and repair.

Master the mind-body connection with movement : Ebook

Promote posture, fitness and detoxification

Process emotions promoting positivity, letting go of negativity

Manage stress with stretches and exercises

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