Be kinder to yourself

To celebrate the global movement Pay it Forward Day on the 28th April, join the Kindness Challenge at Bend Like Bamboo this month. Last week we talked about how random daily acts of kindness is not only a lovely thing to do but it is also a very healing and healthy thing to do.


This week we are going to focus on being kind to ourselves. I want you to catch yourself when you are being your own inner critic. I want to share a very effective technique I use at my practice Bend Like Bamboo . When we form negative habits and it can be hard to change them, the wonderful thing about being a human being is the gift of choice. You can choose how you respond in each moment and idea, belief an d habits are in fact malleable. So how do you do that?

Let’s rewire the brain this week to be kinder to yourself. This is all about how you talk to yourself, how you nurture yourself and what you believe about yourself. Are you your worn best friend or worst critic? Some of us don’t even realise the inner chatter the goes in in the mind. You wouldn’t talk to your best friend like that so why are you talking to yourself this way? So catch yourself using an elastic band when you are being unkind, flick it and chose again who you want to be in that moment. Bringing this choice into your awareness is the key. I like to role play like an actor in a movie. I pretend i have been given a script and have to research what it would look like, feel like and be like if I was nailing kindness.

It takes x 21 repetitions to form a new habit !

When choosing kinder words, you will also be shifting what state your body is in. Your cells are constantly perceiving their environment. How you think and feel is connected to biochemical pathways in your body. Are you firing an alarmed state or a safe and kinder one? In all that I do, I am always looking to promote growth and repair pathways in my mind and body.

I invite you daily to do a random daily act of kindness but this week to yourself. Maybe you will buy yourself some flowers for your desk. Maybe you will make a cup of tea and go back to bed on Sunday. Maybe you will practice praising yourself, or talking to yourself as a mother would nurture her 5 year old child.
Just like last week, I want you to journal daily how it made you feel emotionally and physically in your body and any further notes of observation that happen for you. Measuring the change you experience within yourself and your environment will give your brain the evidence it needs to feel safe enough to push through the fear of change.

Check out the pay it forward day movement here and don’t forget to post a heart on your hand on this day!

5 steps to be kinder to yourself

Have a daily practice performing one random act of kindness to yourself and record how you feel physically and emotionally alongside your other Bend Like Bamboo journalling questions.

- A Happy Mind leads to a kinder mindset, learn about how to promote a kinder mind by understanding how to master it Free your Mind eBook

Use an elastic band or your Bend Like Bamboo wrist band if you are a client of mine, to catch yourself in those moments when you are not being kind to yourself. Let it remind you on what you are working on within yourself, bringing your intention into your awareness can be a catalyst for change. Empower yourself by making a choice how do you wish to react?

- Read more about kindness, what you watch and what you read will impact you. If you wish to be kinder, surround yourself with kindness in your environment.

- A lack of kindness can be a symptom of unresolved emotions such as anger or resentment or fear. In protection mode we can bury this into our subconscious. Kinesiology can be a great way to transform your fears into kindness.

To give yourself the best environment to be kind you might want to explore further work on yourself.

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