The Kindness Challenge for April


In April we celebrate a month of kindness at Bend Like Bamboo.
The kindness Challenge is an extension of why we do what we do at the practice and also in our wellness workshops.

The Bend Like Bamboo Method connects a Happy Mind connected to a Happy Body eating Happy Food to give the mind and body the best environment to transform and repair. As a result of nourishing your mind and body you begin to feel better physically and mentally. Feeling well can lead to a deeper connection within yourself, promoting kindness and repair in the body. The connection you ignite within yourself, can also translate to how you connect out to others in your life. Ultimately our interpersonal relationships govern how happy and healthy we are and one of the best ways to nourish them is to consistently reset and reconnect.

When you are in a state of repair it is when your body feels safe enough to prioritise growth and healing pathways. It is the opposite to the fight/flight/freeze response, when we are prioritising survival. What you say, think and believe will determine all of these processes which is why I truly believe that mindset is pivotal and a mirror image of our health.

I personally aim to consistently reconnect, as I know I am not only creating a wonderful environment for healing to occur, but also in this state I am more suggestible to change. It is much easier to problem solve when you have an open mind and can ‘bend like bamboo’.

Feeling mentally and physically well is connected to how kind we are to others. You know those days where you feel safe and well, you can open your mind, you can see obstacles more as opportunities? I know for me this is how possibility opens up in my life. Imagine a world where we all had the intention to practice daily acts of kindness? When we choose kindness our hearts open, we drop out of our heads and into our hearts and we can see the situation from another’s point of view. I know I learn more when I am open to compassion, I have less conflict in my life and I feel much healthier too.

Acts of kindness create a better environment in your life, but expressing this lovely act is also healthy for you body. When you are being kind this can fire oxytocin the bonding hormone, making us feel more connected and happy. While extra doses of dopamine and human growth hormone can also fire, promoting repair and growth.

To kick off April, join the Kindness Challenge at Bend Like Bamboo this month.

I invite you to have the intention to bring kindness into your focus, and express a random act of kindness whenever you can. It can even be anonymous. I want you to journal daily how it makes you feel emotionally and physically in your body, include any further notes of observation for you to look back on.

5 steps to be kinder

Daily do a random act of kindness and record how you feel physically and emotionally alongside you other Bend Like Bamboo journalling. questions.

- A Happy Mind leads to a kinder mindset, consistently Meditate every day and wash your mind of old thoughts.

Anger, resentment and fear can lead to pain and inflammation in the body. If you are finding it hard to shift from this mindset into kindness you might want to explore therapy . Kinesiology is a great tool to explore what is blocking you, come and see me at the clinic to get to the cause.

Count to 10 in those times when you normally would react, this month just breathe and count to ten as this will allow you to choose your reaction and kindness.

Being kind to yourself notice your internal chatter and thoughts and catch yourself when you are not being kind to yourself and change your reaction.

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