To Transform : a marked change in form, nature, or appearance.
transformation is an extreme, radical change.


Has there been a time in your life, where in that moment you knew, that you had truly transformed?

This realisation often dawns on you in an instant. How did it feel, close your eyes and remember it. I want you to capture that moment, when you knew that from that moment on, you had changed. Just remembering past experiences, your body is re-living it as though it is happening again in real time. This is also the case when you imagine your future. Aren’t thoughts so powerful?

I have had a few transformational moments in my life time. Some harder times and some incredibly triumphant. When I was diagnosed with MS, in that moment I know that there was an instant transformation within me and everything was immediately different. This moment changed was I thought was important, how I felt about my future and what I believed could be possible.

Another significant moment of transformation I had, was when I walked again after losing the use of my 1/2 of my body for about 2 months. This was more of a triumphant moment. In that moment I changed my mind about what could be possible for me and this translated into the other areas of my life. When I could prove to myself that I could walk despite the odds, I began to believe in myself in ways that I never could have imagined before. So it was the hardest thing to go through but the best thing that could have happened for me.

There were also moments when I wished, thought about and rehearsed in my mind what it would feel like to get my body and life back. I wondered what I would do differently? Little did i know I was creating a whole new future using my thoughts.
Transformation can come in light or darker moments in your life. They are inevitable.

The question is how will you get up and respond?

Your reactions are a mirror image of what you believe about yourself and and what can be possible in your mind, body and life.

It is funny what happens inside of you when you are faced with a crisis. There is no time to procrastinate any longer. On my journey, this was exactly what I needed to transform. I had to change my mind and what I believed could be possible to get better results. Feeling so frightened and uncomfortable, this required me to revisit old ideas that no longer served me. I had no choice but to face my fears and show up every day no matter what. I had to change what I thought, and your thoughts are so connected to your body and how it expresses stress or repair pathways.

What you believe is a mirror image of the biochemistry you fire in your body.

Transformation involves change. In life we are constantly faced with change. Change in our environment, in our circumstances, peer groups. In our thoughts, in our bodies. So why are we so scared of change? If it is a given in life, shouldn’t we go out of our way to master our response to it? Imagine what could be possible for you if you could face change with less fear, if you had the tools to deal with change.

That is how the name Bend Like Bamboo came to be : to bend like bamboo is to bend in change with flexibility to reduce suffering, maximising an open mind.

Maybe we are supposed to feel uncomfortable in times of change? I know personally, I have made the best choices when I have felt completely uncomfortable. There is something about this that forces you to break out and emerge from the discomfort.

Friction produces diamonds.

But it can be hard and after everything I learned so far, I’ve learned that what you can do to maximise your results is to give your mind and body the best environment to process change.

A Happy Mind connecting to a Happy Body while eating Happy Food is a great place to start. My Bend Like Bamboo method helped me to recover from the hardest time of my life. I now apply this to my life daily as a maintenance program. This means that when I am facing a more difficult day emotionally or physically, I am have already adopted daily routines to process any unforeseen stress. I only wish I knew this when I was a teenager !

How we react to change is everything. It will determine how healthy we are, how connected we feel and how we show up in the world.

The Bend Like Bamboo Method


To Bend Like Bamboo is to change your mind about what is possible.

Our program is designed to maximise resilience that results in optimised health and performance.

Flexibility builds resilience.

5 steps to transformation

Give the mind the best environment to process change by journalling.

Meditate daily as this will be a chance to tap into your inner wisdom and guidance.

Ramp up your nutrients as what you eat what will impact how you feel. Make an appointment at our clinic and we can assist you with this.

How can you see your obstacle as an opportunity? What have you learned? What old ideas can you transform and which new ones can you create that align with your goals?

Repeat and repeat as neurones that fire together wire together !

To give yourself the best environment to transform, I created a program.

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