Mindset and letting go

It can be the hardest thing to do but the ultimate thing to master. Letting go of old ideas, deep beliefs and redundant perceptions will not only shift how you see your world, this mindset shift can be the catalyst of the transformation you are looking for in your body.


Every day we are creating new ideas, right now reading this you are creating a new idea. Ideas are developed consciously (above the iceberg) from the part of the brain that runs approximately 5% of your processes and reactions.
As quickly as you can create one idea, is as quickly as you can create a new one. For example: ‘I want better health, I want to receive love in my life, I want to be successful.

I see ideas differently to our beliefs. A belief is deeper and they can become stored ‘programs’ in the subconscious part of your brain (bottom of the iceberg). This part of the brain is in charge of 95% of our processes and reactions. It allows involuntary movements to occur without conscious involvement like our heart beating or when our eyes blink. The subconscious also allows you to be able to navigate while driving whilst talking to your best mate sitting next to you at the same time.

What you truly believe about yourself or what is possible for you is what matters as this will dictate how you react to stress or how you show up in the world.

What you deeply believe is a mirror of the health of your mind and body.

If your ideas do not align with what you deeply believe, it creates a conflict. No only just externally in your environment, but this also has a direct relationship with how you manifest or create your life. The most fascinating thing I discovered when studying traditional Chinese medicine was that our deepest beliefs are also a mirror of what biochemistry we will express.

In my practice, I am always looking to see if my clients are firing a stress response or a repair and growth signal as a priority.

Because these processes are very much subconscious I use Kinesiology as a tool to access this part of the brain via the muscles. If you are experiencing this ‘clash’ you may not even be aware of it. It is funny how we can suppress how we really feel about something, just to get on with our day. This clash typically shows up as physical symptoms, sometimes disease, pain in the body or anxiety. It is almost certainly is accompanied by sabotage and a difficulty making things happen for yourself. We do a great job of suppressing how we really feels when it becomes too painful to digest.

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Ideas become beliefs due to repetition, it is common to take them on when we learn them from the people in our environment in the early years of 0-6 years old. As a well rehearsed program, it can be much harder to shift and create new beliefs. In my experience I found that when my ideas did not align with what I deeply believed, this led to sabotage and a lack of manifestation. This misalignment created constant triggers for me. In my 20’s when I was a signer, when I needed to get out on stage to perform I consciously wanted to but a more dominant program would take over and fear often consumed me.
No matter how great your ideas are, what can stifle execution in all areas of your life, are deeper beliefs that do not align with them EG “nothing ever works out for me, I don’t deserve love, success it hard.”

Because we tend to suppress our more difficult feelings or emotions, we can be unaware of this clash.
When I have a clash, a significant one was shortly after my diagnosis, I felt like I was super stressed, living in a state of urgency. Positive on the outside, my inner turmoil consumed me. Sometimes the fear was so great it felt like (and I perceived) that I was literally in danger, and in my case, this lead to more Inflammation, stress and an acceleration of my disease.

Studying Kinesiology is how I discovered this life changing tool. In traditional Chinese medicine they have connected muscles to our organs and subconscious emotions. To create real change, you want to target these dominant subconscious pathways. It is not enough to just wish for the change as an idea consciously. Kinesiologists address these subconscious emotional blocks by assessing the anatomy as whole, rather than isolated elements. In a session you can discover the cause of what is blocking or sabotaging your progress. Blocks can be structural, biochemical, emotional or electromagnetic.

Reviewing your ‘clash’ can be the best thing you can do for yourself. It can transform an idea that you want better health, more love in your life, or success into a shift to deeply believing that you will. When I discovered this formula I started to understand how to make things happen for myself and my body started to heal. I had to align my ideas with what I deeply believe could be possible for me. The result were nothing short of incredible.

Every day is an opportunity to rebuild. Every word you speak, every meal that you eat you have a choice to become all that you long to be.

5 steps letting go of negative beliefs

Wash your mind daily with a ritual of mediation.

What you listen to set up your brain to notice more of that in your environment. Read, research and listen to inspiring podcasts, TedX talks and books.

Surround yourself with positive good people that inspire you.

Discover your subconscious programs and learn how to align them with your ideas.

Our environment is often overlooked. Eliminate anything that doesn’t serve you anymore.

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