Autumn and the art of letting go

The art of letting go

The art of letting go

Autumn and the art of letting go

After our season of summer filled with yang and inspiration, autumn is season where we can start the process of slowing down. The theme for March is transformation and letting go.

Staying in tune with the rhythm of the seasons brings harmony, well-being, and inner peace.

With a season shift comes a change in mood, environment and behaviours according to traditional Chinese medicine. The air becomes cooler and the virtue of metal brings the opportunity to transform. The art of valuing yourself, your ability to move forward and feeling adequate in the world are themes that tend to come up in autumn. The metal element is also associated with our lung and large intestine organs that represent organisation, setting limits, boundaries and letting go.

How you think and feel is connected to your body. If in balance, the metal element allows for events and concepts to come in and out of your life with ease and your self esteem will be booming. However, what can block you here are emotions of grief, guilt or longing or the inability to let go. If out of balance, you may find it more difficult to let go, or you may feel a physical symptom of constipation.

The job of the large intestine structurally is to let go of impurities that no longer serve your body. In traditional Chinese medicine the mind-body connection is always considered. Ask yourself if emotionally, are you letting go of any old ideas and habits that may no longer be serving you?

The lungs give us life with the inspiration of breath and they serve as a barrier to the external environment. How are you breathing in new inspiration daily and are your boundaries serving you?

I believe that flexibility builds resilience. When have you just allowed yourself to go with the flow and found that everything worked out?

The Bend Like Bamboo philosophy celebrates flexibility as a way to move through change with more energy and less suffering. We spend so much time and energy resisting, thinking, planning, procrastinating.

Sometimes we can embrace flexibility and it's easy, and sometimes flexibility is difficult for us. We all respond so differently to triggers within ourselves and in our environment.

When we are thrown off balance it is an opportunity to learn something that sits behind the resistance.

Setbacks are merely a detour to your ultimate destination. So listen to your symptoms let them guide you to understand yourself a little bit more. What are you avoiding, suppressing or not acknowledging?

This month we will explore the barriers to flexibility and letting go.

Enjoy this month's tips on how to value and believe in yourself a little bit more. When you can master the art of going with the flow, you are making your day more fun and enjoyable. You are also allowing what you need to come into your life, rather than what you think you want. You will find you are more fun to be around and this is the best state to be in when adapting to change.

This month lets celebrate the gift of renewal as each meal, every communication and all of our reactions are a chance to reset and choose again.

5 steps to letting go

Go with the flow trust that everything will work out and allow in what you need rather than what you think you want.

Mediate and wash your mind daily - see my resources page for mediations.

Increase your fibre and nutrient dense wholefoods biochemically you can let go of impurities your body doesn’t need anymore. Fine tune your nutrition for your genetic make up and goals. Make an appointment at our clinic and we can assist you with this.

Structurally let go of your lists and to do lists. Have a not to do list and create more flexibility in your routines. In fact mix them up as when you learn how to change your mind about the smaller things, this will translate to the bigger changes.

Clear your space. Let go of what does not bring you joy (thanks Marie Condo!) and rearrange your spaces. There is nothing like a change in your environment to invigorate new motor pathways to let in the new while letting go of the old.


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