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Living in a fast paced environment, feeling stressed and overwhelmed in the chaos, our brain perceives stress and this dictates the signals that are fired out to our cells, dictating our health, our behaviours and our how we live our lives. In this space we are merely reacting, rather than creating.

“As has emphasised in the story of The Biology of Belief, just like for single cells, the character of our lives is not determined by our genes, but by our responses to the environmental signals that propel our lives. When we operate from the conscious mind we are, in fact, creators of our lives.” Bruce Lipton

The subconscious : is 1 million times more powerful than the conscious mind. It is in charge of involuntary actions such as making your heart beat and your eyes blink without you needing to think about it. It is where our programs are stored that are created from the start of our lives so that we can learn to function in our human bodies. We absorb information from our environment, influential people that raise us and our experiences. Information, memories and emotions are stored so that we can optimally survive any danger.

When we are stressed our brain will divert to this power part of the brain. When we are stressed, we tend to focus on what we don’t want and worst case scenario’s, as this is the safest way. When our programs are driven from fear, or lack or deficient self worth this is when we can be reacting from the past in current time. Something in your current life whether it be a partner, a boss or circumstance may be causing you to react from past pain that can be left unresolved if it was traumatic or unprocessed.

Another way of looking at REACTING is when we are in AUTOPILOT. when we are in autopilot you can hear yourself reacting and you can actually observe yourself behaving badly, an incredible ability that we have as evolved humans. Negative patterns emerge when we are stressed and it can be on repeat and out of our awareness, until we are more conscious to observe what is happening. Another example of being in AUTOPILOT is when you drive or walk home, and when you get there you cannot remember any of the streets you turned down. It is amazing how we can function in the world, living in autopilot. But we are only merely, functioning.

Next time you can observe yourself REACTING I want you to hold the observation. Catch yourself and ask yourself a very important question. Is this me responding to what is happening right now? Or is this triggering off an old painful past event that my brain sees as similar? I see these REACTIVE events as gifts, an opportunity for past pain to be lifted so that we can transform old ideas, redundant thoughts and negative emotions.

The key is to switch your response from REACTING to CREATING. To create new ideas, beliefs and behaviours you must be conscious and in the moment. When you are calm and happy you are more resilient to change and will be able to be more flexible in your perspective, mindset and because of the mind-body connection, also in your body. As a Sports Kinesiologist every day I am connecting a stiff neck and shoulders to rigid over worry and thinking. Or a sore tight lower back to the inability to let go of the past, feeling unsupported.

When you are present in the moment you are not thinking of the past to analyse the future. It is from here you activate the conscious mind rather than the subconscious, and new programs can be created. You can see your circumstances with fresh eyes, obstacles as opportunities.

Bruce Lipton calls it the ‘honeymoon effect’ a metaphor of the honeymoon stage of falling in love where are we conscious of our behaviour, attire and etiquette as we are trying to show the other person the best version of ourselves. The other party is also doing this and it feels like magic. So much creativity and transformation is possible in this space.

3 tips to create from the conscious mind:

  1. Catch yourself when you are reacting and choose your response again. Is your reaction in line with believing in yourself, a positive mindset, with who you want to be in the future?

  2. Meditate daily as this will calm and empty the mind, the best environemnt to create new thoughts, emotions and reactions.

  3. Journal through this process twice a day as you will be able to close the tabs in your mind that keep you so ‘on’ all of the time. It is also a great tool to stop suppressing how you feel making you more consciously aware of your reactions and how they they have served you

To become more aware of your subconscious blocks Kinesiology is the perfect tool to make this process happen much faster for you. Check out how it can help you and how it has changed my life in so many way.

I also deliver a resilience program in the workplace helping your team to be resilient to change promoting positivity and innovation.

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