Happy Body

Happy Body

Flexibility builds resilience

The Bend Like Bamboo Method : A happy mind is connected to a happy body with happy food.

To Bend Like Bamboo is to change your mind about what is possible.

Our program is designed to maximise resilience that results in

optimised health and performance.

·         Let go of stress and negative patterns

·         Rebuild from setbacks

·       Give your mind and body the right environment to reset and perform


My passion is to inspire and educate individuals to change their minds about what is possible in their mind, body and life. On my own personal journey, I learned about the power of the mind-body connection. Achieving a balanced approach and recovery, I truly believe when given the right environment the mind and body are capable of producing incredible results. Sometimes, we just need to get out of its way.

In my presentations, I share my own personal experience of a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis that led to a paralysis on the entire left-hand side of my body at age 29 years old. With the odds stacked against me, I had to change my mind about what was possible, when I had no choice but to succeed.

Without the use of my body I very quickly learned how to leverage the power of my mind. When I was coming from fear and frightened of my prognosis, I used to focus on what I didn't want. I saw more evidence around me that supported this mindset and my disease progressed. I was getting worse and I was now completely paralysed on the left hand side of my body.

I had no choice but to surrender as becoming paralysed was totally out of my control. I knew I had a choice, I could either give up. Or I had to change my mind and my approach, about what I believed could be possible, to get better results.

When I started to train myself to focus on what I wanted and believed in possibility, this mirrored in my body. I started to gain momentum in my recovery and after 6 weeks of training hard, channeling my energy on getting better instead of feeling frightened, I walked and ran the oval. The feeling of accomplishing this was astounding. The results were incredible. I discovered what I was made of and the experience of walking again changed my life forever. It changed how I showed up in the world in all areas of my life.

A decade later and now an accredited Sports Kinesiologist, I have made a full recovery. I now spend my time helping others rebuild from setbacks, change and illness using The Bend Like Bamboo Method promoting resilience and potential.

Today we will focus on Happy Body.

Physical symptoms like poor digestion, pain in the body or inflammation are often a sign that you are not listening to your mind. Your muscles (body) are connected to your mind via your nervous system - we are so connected.

A daily movement routine will not only:

  • Build strength and endurance

  • Promote fitness and longevity

  • Aid detoxification and digestion

Did you know, that simultaneously you are also working on your mental health whilst stretching or exercising?

Many of us are stuck in a cycle of just existing because we have been living stressed for a long period of time. we adapt and feel like this is normal. We can forget to nurture ourselves and check in to ask… am I ok?
You know those days, that dull feeling of anxiety that arises for no apparent reason, or that niggling pain in the body that doesn’t seem to resolve itself? It is no wonder we are experiencing an epidemic of depression, addiction and obesity.

Get to the cause and address the bottom line issue.

The mind-body connection is powerful. To give your body the best environment to maximise strength, flexibility and tone you can combine your exercise routine to also strengthen your mind.

A daily movement program can assist you to process difficult emotions and states that happen every day in our lives. In a calmer state you are more suggestible to change and your body is more likely to promote repair and happy chemistry.

That is how I created The Bend Like Bamboo Method.

After a decade of study, research and personal experience a promoting a Happy Mind which is connected to a Happy Body whilst adopting Happy Foods were the key elements that has helped me make a complete transformation after the hardest time of my life. I created a method that I could structure this for my clients and it is amazing to see their inspiring results.




Leverage the mind-body connection with movement

To promote posture, fitness and detoxification

To process emotions promoting positivity , letting go of negativity

Manage stress with stretches and exercises


5 steps to promote a Happy Body

  • Move daily to build strength and flexibility in your body aiding detoxification.

  • Stretch daily to process your emotions, promoting positivity, letting go of the old.

  • Adopt a balance of restorative exercise with strength and endurance.

  • Physical symptoms are a sign that you are not listening, what have you suppressed?

  • Leverage the mind-body connection to allow movement to process your emotions.

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You can now enjoy stretches and exercises that also promote a happy mindset :)

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