All you need is love and Joy

This week we welcome February and a theme of JOY.

It is not enough to just eliminate stress and recite affirmations.

Seek joy.

This is the best state your mind and body can be in for transformation & it is also the best environment for change.

From my personal experience, what I discovered was there is always something to learn when we are experiencing change. It is an opportunity to transform and become a new you that you are ready to be.

You may be wanting to transform sadness or a difficult time into happier times again. Perhaps it’s your health, or is it an external shift you are after in your finances or your environment?

Your goal: Create a new mindset that will mirror a new biochemistry a new body and a whole new version you.

I was paralysed about 10 years ago at age 29. It was a time of total chaos and I had no choice but to succeed and so I learned how to Bend Like Bamboo to transform.

I had to change my mind about what was possible to create new results. Without the use of the left hand side of my body, I learned the power of my mind. I had to become bigger than the fears that had kept me small, unwell and stuck in a sabotage process.

What you believe is what you perceive and this determines the health of your body.

I started to see results, and in turn that sparked hope within me. Hope was so key as it led to the momentum I needed to believe that it could be true. I might walk again.

I did walk again & I ran the oval in 6 weeks.

I was so happy for the little things in life again. I experienced so much joy simply being able to wash, walk, dress, and feed myself again.

When I came home and could finally:

  • Put my own shoes on (because I could)

  • Eat with two hands

  • Drive myself down the road

The JOY within me was so profound, it was like it was the first time I had experienced real joy, and it saturated all of my cells.

As a result my health started to improve so much faster.

In times of chaos it is an opportunity to re-organise and to reassess how you measure joy and happiness in your life. There a natural chaos and order in life and perhaps there is a purpose to this balance?

This is when you can truly learn how to feel grateful. You are in your best state to receive when you are grateful, and you see your world with fresh eyes noticing more of what you do have rather than what you are lacking. I naturally stopped living in the future where I would be grasping, needing, & wishing. When you can really be in today and in the moment, you have all that you need.

For the month of February I wanted explore the concept of joy. How to really receive it and how to give more of it. You know what they say - dish out what it is that you truly seek to come back to you and it will return tenfold :)

This month I will share methods to adopt this daily into your mindset, movement and nutrition routine.

We will explore blocks to joy and the vicious cycles we get ourselves into, like being our own worst inner critic, and getting stuck in a punishment cycle of self doubt or low self esteem. It can become the norm to feel dull and this leads to a lack of productivity, engagement, happiness and health. In this state you cannot see opportunity or possibility.

You deserve to experience the higher frequency of joy.

You may have bee going through a time where you’ve hit rock bottom. Know that this is the time for you to emerge out of your comfort zone. Something deep within you is calling you to feel as though you have no choice but to now rise above the old routines, old thinking and old habits. You must become greater than your current state to create change.

The model of change :

Reassess, Responsibility, Rewire

Reassess Responsibility Rewire.png


Reassess with awareness

The first step is becoming aware of what your blocks are. Often difficult emotions become suppressed and we can lose touch with how we really feel, who we are and what we want in our lives. Becoming aware of the cause of what is holding you back, when this started and why, can be incredibly powerful. I have experienced it firsthand. With a deeper understanding of how you got to where you are, it empowers you to discover that you have the power within you to transform and heal.



Taking responsibility is empowering. Seeing your situation through new eyes allows you to feel in charge. It is from this place you are likely to see your obstacles as opportunities. This is also healing for the mind and body.


Reset and rewire the brain

Empowered with understanding and clarity of a path forward you can now take the steps to rewire your brain. Neurons that fire together wire together. When you learn to focus constantly on what you want, feeling safer and more positive, rather than what you don’t want. You can let go of fear and that alarmed state. Synapses that used to fire to the old fearful memories actually stop firing and rewire to the positive pathways you are working towards building as the more dominant program.


Change your routine by brushing your teeth with a different hand or change your routes when driving

Meditate and wash your mind daily

Journal and empty your mind

Nourish your body with nutrient dense wholefoods

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May the force be with you x

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