Move with Momentum

Last week we discussed the concept of creating space and how doing less can actually get the ball rolling faster, leading to momentum.

We know that your mindset is key in creating momentum. This week let us look at how movement will play an important role.



A great way to generate momentum is by moving your body.

Stretches and exercises will optimise your health and mindset. When you move your body you will also build physical strength and endurance, massage organs, fascia and tissues -aiding in detoxification of the body.

A daily routine creates momentum in the systems of your body, that control the health of your heart, hormones, gut and brain.

Because the body is so connected, did you know that when you move you are simultaneously working on your emotional wellbeing?

For best results I have utilised my traditional Chinese medicine training to align emotional states that we want to promote such as self esteem, feeling supported and opening one's heart with key stretches and exercises.


Stretching the psoas and releasing fear

Stretching the psoas and releasing fear

For example when you stretch your psoas muscle in the hip you are simultaneously working on clearing fear in the body. This muscle is also associated with the kidney meridian which is linked to your willpower.


Squats focus on the hips and feeling supported

Squats focus on the hips and feeling supported

When you squat you are working on your hips, related to emotions of feeling supported. Mindfully focusing on this emotion while squatting can build strength in your body physically and can boost feelings of inner strength and resilience.


My eBook Reclaim your Body features functional daily stretches and exercises that are designed to wash your mind whilst moving your body.

The body is so connected and you can leverage this by tapping into emotions you wish to move such as fear, anger, overthinking and grief - as you work on different muscles groups.

I custom a movement program for my client’s individual mindset goals, boosting their results. When you are working on the body as a whole rather than in isolation, you get long-lasting results and a deeper understanding of the cause. Addressing the emotional link to a physical ailment can literally be like turning the tap off at the cause.

You can download my Reclaim your Body eBook and enjoy a program of daily stretches and exercises designed to balance common emotional states that we all often all go through.


Start your daily routine for 2019 (see links below)

5 steps to move with momentum

  • Mix it up with walking, yoga, pilates, functional movement - have fun

  • Get an assessment from a functional trainer to understand what movement will optimise your posture

  • See a Sports Kinesiologist to integrate movement into your mindfulness routine

  • Walk and catch public transport where possible

  • Have an alarm to get up and move every hour

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To give yourself the best environment to gain momentum I created a program that you can do with me in person, or via video coaching.

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