Setbacks are supposed to feel uncomfortable

Setbacks are designed to make you uncomfortable.

I believe that setbacks are not a bad thing. In fact how you move through them allows you to become the person that can create the life you truly dream of.

We feel stuck and a lack of momentum when we are going through ‘setbacks’ in our life and this triggers fears old and new, within us.

When we are coming from a fear mindset, we wont make the leaps of faith required for our highest good, in case we fall off the cliff.

But I say, give it a go – what if you fly?


You will use more energy not trying, procrastinating, being angry at yourself for feeling stuck and it becomes a vicious cycle as you keep attracting what you deeply believe which is a story alike I CAN’T or IT’S TOO HARD or WHAT IF I FAIL?


In my personal experience, when I surrendered to any change as it was happening in my life, (as it was out of my control anyway), I then had more energy as I wasn’t suffering half as much. It was still uncomfortable and hard but I found I went with the flow reducing suffering considerably.

As a result I saw my situation with new eyes, as I was less stressed therefore able to see my obstacles as potential opportunities.

Seeing the world with new eyes and lenses brings with it a byproduct a shift in mindset that allows you to create a bit of magic in your life. It is also very healing as you feel happier when you can see things from a new angle, solving more of your problems and seeing results.



I can see now that most of the setbacks in my life if not all, have all changed me as a person to become stronger, wiser and happier. Leading me to incredible paths that I normally would not have picked or had the courage to walk myself.

It is amazing what happens when you have no choice but to succeed.


Sometimes we are forced to walk a new path perhaps from the end of a business, from a divorce or illness. But why don’t we view setbacks as a sign that this is a time for welcomed change and that it is not defeat but a good thing?

Needing things to be a certain way and not practicing flexibility in your mindset can create this issue and so much suffering. That is why practicing mindful techniques daily is important such as meditation and changing your routines.

I challenge you to view any setback you are currently going through in your life right now, as an opportunity to walk a new path that you are in fact ready for and may have been asking for subconsciously for a very long time. As we don’t realise what is on the other end of that change until the cycle is complete. Hindsight is a wonderful thing, right?

When I surrendered to change and learned how to change my mind about my path and what was possible for me, I noticed that my body started to repair, so much faster.

The change in my body was profound as it appeared to align with my mindset shift.

When I focused on what I wanted instead of being scared of the change and all the things I didn’t want, my body mirrored this and began to heal. This was because our mindset is linked to what chemistry we fire - an inflammatory alarmed state or a repair and growth chemistry which fires when you feel 'safe'.

I saw this in my motor skills, emotions and the repair of my MS symptoms that often were quite debilitating.

I later learned in my studies of traditional Chinese medicine and Kinesiology, that when we are stressed we fire an ‘alarmed state’ of inflammation and stress that can lead to disease. We can gain weight as a result and our behaviour also changes to be more selfish as we are in protection mode.

When you practice shifting your mindset and can see change as positive, your body will start to change its mind from firing a state of urgency and stress to a more healing and growth promoting pathway we call ‘safe mode’. You body is designed to survive and if it believes there is a threat in your environment (from your perception) it will prioritise this pathway every time.

When you practice movement, optimal nutrition and kinder thoughts, instead of trying to keep you alive, your body prioritises rest and repair. It will nourish you with HGH hormone promoting sleep and repair, serotonin and dopamine for your mood and happiness, leading to you be kinder to yourself. Feeling safer, you are now able to express that to those around you connecting you back to yourself and the world.

What program are you currently firing?

Because we are designed to survive I have learned that we don’t really have to practice ‘survival mode’ we want to practice ‘safe mode’ more. When your body receives signals that is safe to ‘put the brakes on’ it makes :


  • Going though change easier

  • Your brain integration fires helping you to process your emotions

  • To focus on what you want making you feel happier and grateful

  • You will see more evidence of this in your life as a result

  • You will create more of that around you

  • Whilst mirroring this in your body

5 steps to seeing setbacks as awakenings:

  • I challenge you to view a current setback you are going through as meant to be. What you are learning is assisting you to become the person you need to be to have what you want.

  • Ask yourself why you are holding onto your current path? See a hiccup as an observer, can you view your circumstances from a new angle and birds-eye perspective like a chess game with multiple moving parts.

  • Embrace change : The comparison of the more difficult times vs the happier times = a chance to reset how you measure success leading to joy and happiness.

  • Practice meditation to calm the mind

  • Change your mind about smaller things like driving on a different route or changing up your morning or evening routines which will translate to the bigger changes.

It is my passion to assist my clients to do just that, I see clients at my practice and now offer coaching sessions via zoom for my interstate clients.

I also speak on this topic with passion, because I believe you can change your mind about what is possible, I am a walking example and given the right environment, you can reset from any setback. The first step is to gain momentum and learn how to let go of how you think things should unfold and trust in the process.

May the force be with you

May the force be with you

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