Mindset and Momentum


This week we will explore how to gain momentum in your life by optimising your mindset leveraging the amazing mind-body connection.

Last week we discussed the concept of momentum, how creating space and doing less could actually get the ball rolling creating momentum faster for you.

Momentum is wonderful, it is a time when you feel like your life, your health and opportunities truly open up and become effortless.

When have you achieved momentum in your life?

A Sports Athlete understands that there are so many moving parts to achieving the ‘sweet spot’ or a ‘flow state’ for that perfect pitch or take off. Creating momentum is much the same as the sweet spot, where moving parts seem to line up in that critical moment, aligning into an orchestrated harmony where everything is working together.

In health this is how I have been trained to work with the body as a Sports Kinesiologist. The body’s multiple moving parts work together not in isolation. I assess it structurally, biochemically, emotionally and energetically. Connecting all the parts that are all working together, assists me to get to the cause of an issue. This can be presented as a physical symptom, a disease, an emotional or biochemical imbalance or a spiritual disconnect.

In my personal experience when I have achieved periods of momentum it has been after a chapter in my life where I’ve been working hard but have stopped trying too hard, something inside of me has let go. As a result a structure emerges and I begin to trust the process that everything will just work out.

There have also been times in my life where no matter how I repeat an old formula over and over, I cannot seem to create the same momentum! So I hypothesise that there is more at play here.

Was there a time when you have not been able to create momentum?

Perhaps it’s timing, and a higher force that knows when you are ready for momentum rather than it happening when you are wanting it.

So I have an epiphany that the best thing you can do is give your mindset the best environment for it to do what it knows it needs to do to maximise your results. The body is so intelligent if you give it all the resources it can achieve healing, momentum and break through’s in ways we just cannot understand.

Creating space in your mind with regular meditation can allow it to empty and reconnect to your inner guidance. I make my best decisions on my meditation matt, a great daily ritual for you to tap into your highest intelligence and self.

I believe you can change your mind about what is possible for your health and life. Give it the right environment and see what magic can happen for you.

5 steps to emptying the mind

  • Wash your mind daily with a ritual of meditation to empty the mind of old beliefs and negative patterns

  • Clear your space of clutter and re-arrange your spaces for a fresh vibe and perception

  • Nourish your body by moving it and eat nutrient dense real wholefoods

  • Catch yourself when you find yourself reacting in old negative patterns and change it in the moment to the positive

  • Detox your environment of any stress that needs to be eliminated.

May the force be with you

May the force be with you

To give yourself the best environment to gain momentum I created a program that you can do with me in person, online or in a workshop at your event.

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