This month we are going to explore momentum, when to leverage it and how doing less can actually create more of it.

The hardest part of any beginning is getting the ball rolling. Whether it is in a new project, in your relationships or creating change within yourself.

When we are faced with setbacks we can feel stuck, unmotivated, feeling a lack of energy and willpower. As a result we can experience anxiety, sadness and fear.

We equate things ‘moving’ as a sign of success in our busy world. I want to discuss when the opposite is true and what if there are times when we need more space?

Once you have momentum your world opens up.


We all want momentum, but to gain it takes hard work and with luck on your right side. Some might say it happens when you are on the right path at the right time with a laser beam focus. Some believe it can be achieved when you have an understanding of where you are going and why. All the ducks line up and everything just takes off.

When have you created momentum in your life and can you pinpoint why it happened

Living in a busy world many of us are overworked and in the hustle. What if there was a different way?

When adapting to change or when we are creating new ideas there is a time when we need to reassess. We need to slow down and put the breaks on to marinate. Being it in less clutter and more space new creativity can emerge. For me this is when I get back in touch with my gut instincts or inner guidance.

How can you un-complicate your life or approach?

Can you surrender to the habit of the hustle and practice sitting in stillness weekly by meditating and allowing space. When you do there is now room to fly high above the turbulence, where you can strategically re-focusing your next direction. What methods do implement at work or personally to do this?

I have a morning ritual of meditation on my meditation matt, where for 5-20 minutes depending on the day my goal is to use by breath to empty my mind. The results are outstanding. A routine so simple, literally changed my life.

I love momentum, I thrive on it and it feels amazing, effortless and like heaven on earth when it happens. Trouble is, I want it all of the time and I forget that there is a balance that needs to be restored. There is a time to slow down, create space to un-complicate your thoughts and approach. There is also a time to double down when the wind is right and the timing is perfect to leverage momentum.

In business, when you have momentum you can communicate your message so much more effectively. Personally momentum has the power to create true magic in your life. The feeling of momentum is also the best environment you can give your mind and body to prioritise repair pathways helping to heal you.

5 steps to creating momentum

  • Create more space for yourself

  • Create more space for your colleagues and in your relationships

  • Un-complicate your thoughts, your approach and strategy and get back to basics

  • Have laser beam focus of where you are going and why you want to get there

  • Let go of the addiction to being unnecessarily busy, have rituals like creating space as a meeting in your calendar


When we are faced with times of setback or illness it can be hard to gain momentum, that is why I created Optimal health.

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