Blocks to growth


In November we are acknowledging the importance of mental health for men and women.

Our monthly theme for November at Bend Like Bamboo is GROWTH.

Last week we explored the importance of growth and its relationship to mental health.

This week we will explore the blocks to growth

Setbacks are designed to move you, you are supposed to feel uncomfortable. So that you are pushed to walk towards a new path. Otherwise you’d just stay the same as you are. Perhaps you are ready to walk a new path that you secretly have been asking for?

Ask yourself this question in relation to a current ‘setback’ you are faced with. Is this new path and direction perhaps leading you to where you know you need to go next?

In times of growth, opportunities that align with your vision can present themselves usually in the most unexpected of places and ways. Be open to that. If you can trust this in times of change, you can significantly optimise your potential to see more opportunities in your environment.

What stops us from pushing through in times of growth?

Emotions can block us such as fear. Or anger for example, when in balance can be excellent to propel us forward. However if not in balance can create a big need to push forward, pushing or trying too hard.

Or some of us respond in an opposite fashion by holding ourselves back, keeping ourselves small due to fears of being seen, heard or perhaps even criticised. A common issue is the fear of disappointment should you fail.

Which reaction best describes you?

What is your response to growth?

How to Bend Like Bamboo in times of change

To ‘bend like bamboo’ is to bend in change with flexibility to reduce suffering - maximising energy, performance and health.

  1. Quiet the mind to process fears, emotions and doubts. For me when I quiet my mind, I feel a re-organisation in my brain, my heart and the rest of my body. I find answers in this stillness and true guidance. I remove external stimulation and practice mediation for 20 min every morning for best results.

  2. Move your body, getting out of your head and dropping into your body can be a fantastic way to keep fit whilst processing the mind all at the same time. A boost of clarity overwhelms me after my yoga and pilates sessions.

  3. Nourish your body with nutrient dense organic and ethically sourced wholefoods. When you eat better, you feel better leading to the ability to believe in yourself and drive yourself out of your comfort zone. You need to feel good to evoke your courage!

  4. Reconnect with yourself and others. Communicate as we are all going through similar struggles and triumphs. Talk about it, gather with your friends, ask people who inspire you if they can mentor you, there is support all around you.

When you can see possibility in yourself, you will find more of everywhere. It is not only important to optimise your mindset with positive thoughts. You want to give your brain daily evidence that growth is positive and that good things happen when you grow ! Action is key and remember that neurons that fire together wire together so repeat, repeat, repeat.

May the force be with you

May the force be with you

Please enjoy our meditation to embrace growth in November :

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