Change your mind about what is possible

In rehabilitation where I lived for 2 months, I was now faced with nothing but four white walls and my mind, having to deal with all the painful emotions I had suppressed for 5 years after my diagnosis of MS.

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Now paralysed at age 29 I was faced with a permanent disability and my worst fears were in fact realised.

I was not looking after myself emotionally and the stress of deeply believing that I was not ok, caught up with me. My body started to mirror how emotionally paralysed I felt and it literally went so numb that my body stopped working and I lost complete mobility on the left hand side of my body.

I could not wash, walk or feed myself and i could not get dressed without help.

I was forced to completely stop and reset.

The doctors said that they could not guarantee I would ever recover, it was now simply a waiting game to see if I would respond to treatment. That was the hardest darkest time of my life.

But the best thing that could have happened.

It’s like lighting a candle in a well lit room, you don’t really notice the light. Its when everything becomes dark, that’s a time when you find your light and what you are truly capable of.

When I was young, I was a happy, motivated girl. But the trouble was, the confidence I expressed externally didn’t always match what I actually believed about myself. Manifesting as feelings of anxiety and confusion, I did not understand that this feeling was a symptom reflecting beliefs such as I was not good enough or capable.

What you deeply believe is a mirror of your health and how you perceive your environment.

It’s more common than you realise, we can truly want to feel loved, successful or enough but the brain, perhaps from prior trauma and past experiences actually believes that this is not possible, or you may feel you do not deserve it.

I truly believe that this lack of alignment of my ‘conscious desires’ that were conflicting with my ‘deepest ingrained beliefs’ & therefore programs (subconsciously) led to inflammation and stress in my body. It can make you feel empty, vacant and sad.

When I found myself functioning from this very alarmed state, I inevitably focused on what I didn’t want and what I was scared of that could happen - exacerbating the problem. Essentially creating a sabotage cycle - sound familiar?

There was a pivotal moment where everything changed for me.

About 5 or 6 weeks in living in rehabilitation at hospital, my toe finally moved for the first time. It was in that moment I found hope.

From that moment on, I started to channel my energy differently.

I focused on what I wanted instead of what I didn’t want.

The impact that made on my recovery was beyond my wildest dreams. There was an obvious physical difference for me, when my mindset shifted so did my body and my mobility started to change. I went from being in a wheelchair, to learning how to use a foot brace, to having just my knee taped up …. to walking on my own.

Those first few steps walking again were indescribable

I will never forget them. I walked and ran the oval within 6 weeks.

Achieving this recovery when I really wasn’t ‘supposed to’ created a shift within me what was enormous. It was the evidence I needed to feel hope again, as I was told I may never recover and that my disability may be permanent.

It allowed me to change my mind about what was possible

  • for my health and mobility

  • the course of my disease and therefore my future

  • and later into other areas of my life (love and career)

I took a balanced approach in my health program and thank the doctor’s, physio’s and kinesiologists, a whole integrated team that helped me.

I had people stand with me when I couldn’t stand. After my recover I was inspired to be there for others going through similar extremely difficult times in their lives. I have now dedicated my life paying it forward to help others to optimise their health through times of setbacks.

To change your mind about what is possible you must be ready to see the world with new eyes, shift your perspective, let go of the old and welcome the new to transform you health and life.

That’s why I do what I do and this is how I did it:

Optimal Health is a program that will equip you to:

√ Optimise your mindset with flexibility, maximising rest and repair in the body

√ Give you the ability to rebuild from any setback seeing your life with fresh eyes

√ Allow you to maximise opportunities professionally and personally

Start now to launch into 2019 inspired and excited, ready to create and live a life that inspires you.

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