Your health is a mirror image of what you believe


When I was in my first rehabilitation session, I was given exercises, just to simply make my fingers open and close. I couldn’t do it yet, it was so hard and I had tears running down my face.

I was completely paralysed on the left hand side of my body : my face, shoulder, arm, hand, torso, hip, leg and foot.

At age 29 years old I was faced with never walking again from an attack of MS, reliant on help for the most basic of tasks, that we take advantage of every day.

It was in that moment, I knew I had a choice, I could either give up. OR I had to change my mind and my approach, about what I believed to be possible - to get better results.

It is amazing what changes inside of you, when you are faced with no choice but to succeed.

Without the use of half of my body, I learned about the power of the mind. To ‘bend like bamboo’ is to bend with flexibility in times of change or during a setback. This not only reduces suffering, it also maximises energy allowing you to to see the world with new eyes and perspective.

You can change your mind about what is possible and every day in every moment you have a choice.

So why don’t we always pick the best choice for ourselves? What holds us back?

Sometimes our blocks serve us. Sounds bazaar right? Why would you want to be held back, in a sabotage pattern? In my personal experience and also observing patterns in my clients, I have observed that unresolved emotions such as anger, resentment or fear… can become 'validated' when we are in pain. Because they are unprocessed and we have not moved on.


If you don’t have the courage to speak up, or have the confidence to step into what you really want, setbacks are an excellent way to make your fear based story true, “see… I am held back, see I am unsuccessful, unloved, enough” etc..

We seem to make our deepest beliefs true in our environment like a mirror.

We seek to make our beliefs true in our environment, this then becomes a mirror image in our body. The body will either express a (safe) repair, restful and happy signal or it will fire an (alarmed) state of inflammation, stress and symptoms. The question is which pathway are you in the habit of firing?

Symptoms are a clue as your body mirrors the state of your subconscious mind. The stuff you suppress and bury so you can get on with it and live another day.

The trouble is we have never been taught about how to deal with our difficult emotions when they arise, and their connection to the health of our bodies.


When you feel uncomfortable you are more inclined to move forward finding a new way of be-ing. Dealing with difficult emotions is a large part of having the courage to bend in change.

When I was diagnosed with MS I was scared of my future, which mirrored in my actions, decisions, emotional wellbeing and the health of my body. I was firing that (alarmed) state that increased inflammation and dictated the course of my disease.

When I changed my mind about my stress levels, how I was perceiving my circumstances and therefore what I thought could be possible for my future, it was incredible how my body mirrored this mindset shift. Within 6 week of changing my mind, feeling hope again, working really hard in rehabilitation taking a balanced approach, I didn’t just walk again I ran.

Achieving this further cemented what could be possible for my body, the course of my disease and later would translate to the other areas of my life.

Your health, love life and career are also an expression of what you deeply believe.

It took time to change my mind as this has to happen on a conscious level and a deeper subconscious level. But is can be done. It starts with a moment where you just decide - and you choose again.

I created a program to help myself through his process and I have called it Optimal Health.

Seeing clients at my practice and now coaching online for my interstate and international clients, Optimal Health is a whole-istic approach. I assess you structurally, biochemically, emotionally and energetically and share with you all the lessons I learned along the way, that got me to where I am now. 9 consecutive years of incredible health has allowed me to translate this new way of be-ing into my life personally and professionally.

Optimal Health

Optimal Health

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May the force be with you

May the force be with you