Mental Health in November and GROWTH

In November we are acknowledging the importance of mental health for men and women.

Our theme for November at Bend Like Bamboo is GROWTH.

This month and in progressive weeks we will explore:

  • Growth and its importance to our mental health

  • The blocks to growth and optimal mindset

  • Tips and tools to give the mind and body right environment to grow

  • Nutrition to support a growth mindset

Growth and its importance to our mental health

Growth is important for our mental wellbeing and assists us to progress forward. Letting go of the old and familiar, embracing the less familiar with anticipation and courage.

Stepping into the unknown requires getting out of our comfort zone.

For some of us this this is welcomed and a joyful experience. For others it can be a truly hard process to move through, depending on our perception of change.

When we are in balance within our mind and body, upward growth can bring joy and satisfaction into our lives.

Sometimes, a pathway to growth can be disguised in what we may call ‘setbacks’ in life. This can be uncomfortable and less joyous especially in the early stages.

It can feel like everything is going wrong, the change overwhelms you and its scary.

I suggest another way to look at change and its relationship to our growth. When we start to wish for growth within our lives personally, professionally, socially or even globally, we start to create this new reality for ourselves beginning with a thought, then an emotion linking how that feels to then creating a picture in our minds of what that would look like. Our environment starts to mirror this, and it reorganises creating what appears to be chaos. But ultimately the best and later stage of growth is when we begin to see evidence as we are creating this new image of the reality we wish to draw to us.

A new perspective

Can you view a setback in your life as an opportunity?
As a sign that it is time to walk a new path - to get you to where you are wanting to go in your next stage of growth?

The comparison of feeling uncomfortable and the fear and apprehension that we have to work through in these early stages of growth, creates a friction that propels us forward.

Growth is often accompanied with a lesson. After a challenging time, the comparison of more smoother times can allow you to find gratitude in your life. I often find that when I survive growth after a challenge I become grateful for what I have in my life already, for the little things. That creates a mindset shift within me that allows me to feel truly abundant. As a result I see the world with new eyes, seeing more opportunities before me. As the mind and body are connected I feel more energetic, positive and my performance is so much better personally and professionally.

Mental health is related to a state of mind. Your body is a mirror of your subconscious mind.

If you are experiencing any pain or issues in the body it can be a sign that you are not listening to something you must process in the mind.

Embrace growth, getting out of your comfort zone and all the lessons you will learn along the way. As a result of overcoming them we feel happy, healthier and on path, discovering new aspects of our capability and what is possible.

Growth can be so rewarding and this is a time when we can absorb a deeper satisfaction than we feel like we ever have before.

Pushing yourself is also good for your brain as when you are learning you are constantly creating new networks of neurons and connections.

Tips on surviving stages of growth

Focusing on the positive and a future that aligns with that is the best thing you can do at the start of the day. You will then see more evidence of what you are focusing on in your environment as that is how the RAS works

Acton - the more evidence in your environment you can show your brain, that walking a path leading to growth, although challenging is safe and will lead to good things, the sooner you can change your mind about the suffering.

This evidence can allow you to change your mind about what is possible for you and your future. As a result you may start to play bigger in your life as your mindset shifts.

“To Bend Like Bamboo is to bend in times of change and growth with flexibility, reducing suffering. This is the best environment you can give your mind and body for optimal health and performance.”

May the force be with you

May the force be with you

Please enjoy our meditation to embrace growth in November :

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